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Episode 142 - 1/10/67

Sam asks where the idea for the painting came from. Maggie explains that she told him the story of the Phoenix. Sam grabs the painting to throw it into the sea, and Vicki says she wants it. Sam asks why she wants it. He says it's an evil, horrible painting. Maggie suggests that he get rid of it. Vicki says that if he's going to get rid of it, she'd like it. He agrees. She then asks about the blank space, and he says he doesn't know what would go there. He tells Vicki that when she's done looking at it, that she destroy it by burning it. He asks that she tell him after she's done that. Sam says he feels better, and heads out for a drink at The Blue Whale.

After Sam leaves, Maggie apologizes for his behavior. Vicki says she thinks the painting is important. It intrigues her. She says that it's almost as though the painting is what drew her to Maggie's today.

Laura found David sitting by the fire looking at photographs. He tells her that she's pretty beautiful for a mother. He says she's more like a movie star, and that's probably why his father married her. He says he hopes he'll find a beautiful girl to marry. He asks her if she dated Burke Devlin. She says she did. David says how much he likes Burke, and asks what he was like. She describes him as charming. David asks why she didn't marry Burke. David says he thinks it would be nice to have Burke as a father. Laura asks what he thinks of Roger. David says he doesn't like him, because Roger doesn't care about him. Laura says that she loves him, and asks if he had to choose between his father and she, who he would pick. Before he can answer, Vicki arrives home with a wrapped painting. David and Laura express an interest in it, and she shows it to them.

David exclaims that the painting is his dream. Laura asks where she got it, and Vicki tells her that Sam Evans painted it when Laura came back to town. She thinks it's horrible. Laura asks David not to look at it. She asks Vicki why she has it. She explains that Sam was going to throw it away. David asks Vicki if he can have it. Laura doesn't want him to, and he pleads with his mother to let him have it. He says he wants it because it's a picture of her and his dream. She offers to get him another one. Vicki points out that it's not even finished. Vicki says Sam didn't know what went in the blank spot. David asks his mother what she thinks, and she says she has no idea. She agrees to let David hang the painting in his room. He runs upstairs with it. Laura tells Vicki she's very upset, and that she never should have brought the painting to the house. Vicki says she felt compelled to bring it to the house. Laura asks if the opportunity presents itself, she wants her to take the painting away from David.

Vicki stops in David's room and asks him to think about it before hanging it in his room. She says his mother wants him to be happy, but that the painting upsets her. David hangs the painting above his dresser. Vicki says that it does look like it belongs in his room. Laura comes into his room, and says she's decided what must be done. She goes to take the painting, and he says that if she takes it, he'll never talk to her again. She leaves the room, upset with him.

Maggie is turning out the lights when happy drunk Sam returns home. She suggests he  go to bed, and he says he's got an inspiration to work on a seascape. Maggie goes to bed and he gets started. After a few initial strokes, he steps back and sees it is taking the form of Laura in the fire.

In David's bedroom at night, the portrait of his mother in flames begins to glow. Laura's floating head appears in the room, and David screams for it to stay away.

Our thoughts

John: David has his future figured out. He just needs to find a beautiful woman to marry like his father did. Because that all turned out so well...

Christine: I thought he was going to ask if Burke is his real daddy...

John: I think the writers are rushing this story along. In short order, Sam got over Maggie showing Vicki the portrait, and the next thing you know, he's given it to her. No sooner than walking in the door, she shows it to David and Laura. As Vicki describes feeling compelled to do it, it was as if she was commenting on the writer's not spending the time to justify everyone's uncharacteristic behavior.

Christine: I think the writers may be compelled to experiment with a supernatural storyline in a soap opera and aren't exactly sure how to go about it.

John: So the blank spot in the painting finally comes up in conversation. Supposedly no one (but Laura and the viewing audience) has any clue what should go there.

Christine: It's obvious what should go there...

No, that's not right. This is more appropriate.

Oh, did you mean this? Something is compelling me to put heads in Sam's portrait against my will. I can't explain it.

John: It will be interesting to see if Laura's big floating head is a supernatural event, or just one of David's bad dreams....

Christine: It is probably best not to disobey your mom when she is a phoenix.

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