Thursday, January 5, 2017

Episode 139 - 1/5/67

Burke kisses Laura when Roger bursts in with a gun. Roger threatens to kill Burke, saying he could do so with complete immunity from the law. Burke approaches Roger, and Roger tells him he'll shoot. Burke steps forward and grabs the gun. It fires into the ceiling. Laura asks Burke to leave for her sake. Roger says he'll kill Burke if that's the last thing he does. Burke takes the gun and leaves.

Roger begins yelling at Laura. He reminds her that if there is a retrial, it will be bad for her, too, as she perjured herself. He yells at her to stay away from Devlin. She says she's only concerned with David. Roger says that she needs to come across as loyal to him. He says the happiest day of his life will be when she takes his son and goes—IF David is his son!

In his bed, David tosses and turns as he hears his mother call to him.

The next morning, Vicki wakes David at 10:30. He said he dreamed that he kept hearing his mother's voice, and there was fire all around.

Roger comes in and tells David to get dressed, as he's taking him to see his mother. David says no, and Roger threatens to beat him. David says he's not going near his mother, and that Roger can't make him. He leaves, and Vicki says she thinks David fears rejection from his mother. Vicki offers to help connect David and his mother. She then asks Roger if there was trouble last night, as she saw the sheriff's car last night. Roger tells her of the reported fire in Phoenix.

Laura sits by the fire when there's a knock at the door. Vicki brought Laura breakfast. Laura asks if David is ready to see her. Vicki explains how often David spoke of her before her return. She thinks David's just going through a phase. Laura asks Vicki to tell her all about David. Laura asks Vicki if she could collect a clipping of David's hair for her locket. Vicki suggests that Laura meet her and David by the greenhouse when they're out for their afternoon walk. Laura agrees, but says she wants to meet them atop Widow's Hill.

Vicki and David walk to Widow's Hill. He brings up how many people have died on Widow's Hill. He leans over the cliff, and Vicki tells him to step back. He gets bored and wants to go home. Vicki points out a ship on the horizon. Laura sneaks up on them and frightens him. She reminds him of a conversation they had when he was much younger. She asks him to come to her and he refuses. He backs up toward the cliff and slips, clinging to the rocks.

Our thoughts

John: Roger verbalizes what we've been speculating about for some time now. Is David his son?

Christine: She certainly didn't deny the claim after he made it.

John: Laura tells Vicki how she loves a nice fire. Yeah, we get it. Note that Vicki once again fails to mention David's evil deeds to Laura.

Christine: We get it, but when will the rest of the characters at Collinwood start adding up the clues? The body burned in the fire in her apartment in Phoenix along with her constant cozying up to the fire, the painting of her in fire, and David's dreams of her in fire should not go unnoticed for long.

John: Yes, this episode ends with a literal cliffhanger.

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