Friday, January 13, 2017

Episode 145 - 1/13/67

Laura walks in on David staring at the painting in his bedroom. She tries to pry him away, but he wants to be alone with the painting. He thinks it's trying to tell him something.

Sam tells Maggie that everything he starts to paint turns into the same thing; Laura Collins standing in flames. He leaves to go for a walk. Laura Collins arrives to see Sam. She says the place hasn't changed in 10 years. Maggie says that strange things have been happening since she returned to Collinsport. She mentions the painting of Laura that Vicki has.

Sam returns home to find Laura there. Maggie heads out, and Sam asks Laura why he keeps painting her. He can't control himself. She asks why he's painting her in fire, and he says he doesn't know. He tells her he's compelled to paint her, and she says that he is responsible for the paintings, and he needs to stop. She says that his paintings are upsetting David. Laura tells him she'll see to it that he stops, and he realizes that she's threatening him.

Maggie and Joe come home, and Sam is nowhere to be found. Maggie is upset, and Joe kisses her.  He suggests that they go look for Sam at The Blue Whale.

Laura walks into David's room and stares at the portrait, and then leaves.

Joe and Maggie lead a drunk Sam into the house. He lies down on the couch, smoking a cigarette.

Laura kneels down in front of the fire in the drawing room.

Sam continues smoking, slowly falling asleep.

As Laura looks into the flames, Sam drifts to sleep and drops his lit cigarette on the couch, which begins to smolder.

Our thoughts

John: While it's easy to complain about the quality of this surviving kinescope, when you're dealing with 1225 episodes of a 50 year-old soap opera, one must be thankful that copies exist of them at all!

Christine: This one was pretty hard to watch more for the poor audio than video quality. It is certainly nice to be able to enjoy Laura as she directs her malicious intent for the first time.

John: Joe and Maggie no sooner kiss than he says they should go look for her father. Poor schmuck is never going to land a girlfriend this way.

Christine: He'll land the girl. He just won't get to have any fun with her.

John: Sam can't help but paint Laura in flames, but when she commands him to destroy a painting, he cannot. She wasn't kidding when she said she'll make him stop. Hopefully no one will have to identify Sam's personal effects next week...

Christine: It will be interesting to discover what sort of powers Laura has.

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