Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Episode 152 - 1/24/67

Liz tells Vicki that David's mother visited in his room last night, and suggests that Vicki should have stayed with him longer. She tells Vicki that she needs to prevent Laura from seeing David again.

Laura sits by the fire, transfixed, when there's a knock at the door. She gets up and lets Frank Garner in. He says he'll be representing Roger in the divorce, and asks who will be representing her. She asks if he can represent both of them. He explains there's a conflict of interest, and she says she doesn't want anything from them. She says that all she wants is David, and Roger has agreed to it. She says she'll sign whatever she needs to, and he says he'll draft a document. As he's leaving, he mentions that the police have been asking a lot of questions. He says there's talk of a possible murder investigation. She doesn't seem too concerned, and says if she can get David as soon as possible, she'll be in his debt eternally. She shows him out, and returns to her favorite spot by the fireplace.

There's another knock at the door, this time it's Vicki to see Laura. She offers her tea. Vicki asks if she saw Frank leaving. She said she called to him but he seemed too deep in thought. Laura asks if he's her young man, and Vicki says she came to talk about David. She tells Laura that Liz was upset that she visited him last night. She says it's her job to keep Laura away from David.

Laura asks why Vicki doesn't like her, and Vicki says she has a feeling that David is in danger. Laura offers a logical explanation to everything Vicki raises. While Vicki agrees, she says she's been ordered to keep her away. Laura says the water is ready and reaches into the fire to get the kettle. Vicki warns her that she'll burn herself and Laura stops. Laura suggests that all Vicki needs to do is set up a few more accidental meetings. Vicki expresses her loyalty to Liz, and leaves.

Vicki tells Liz she can't keep Laura from David. Liz explains that Laura had her chance and failed. She commands Vicki to keep Laura from David.

Frank stops in to see Liz and Roger. He says he just spoke with Laura, and all she wants is custody of David. Roger tells him to draw up the papers, and Liz tells him not to. Frank says Laura may need to return to Phoenix, and she'll want to take David when she goes. Liz suggests the Phoenix issue should be resolved first. Roger shows Frank out, and out of earshot of Liz, tells Frank to draw up the papers.

Roger receives a phone call positively identifying the body in Phoenix as Laura Collins. Liz asks if that's true, then who is staying in the cottage.

Our thoughts

John: With all the Laura fire coincidences that Vicki is aware of, she doesn't dwell on Laura reaching into the fire for the kettle.

Christine: Or why she's using the fireplace to heat her tea kettle instead of the stove.

John: Why does Laura need Vicki to see David, when she can clearly show up in his room on her own?

Christine: She may be able to visit him, but her goal is to take him with her somewhere that she's mentioned only vaguely. Judging by the completed portrait, it's probably somewhere fiery.

John: Do you think the writers forgot that the body in Phoenix had already been positively identified as Laura? I can understand there being a question when she first arrived, but I'm not sure why anyone would be more willing to believe that now that Laura has been around Collinwood for a little while.

Christine: Initially, the body was positively identified as Laura through circumstantial evidence (female body in female's apartment) until they realized Laura was positively in Collinsport. After her questioning, she led them to believe the body could belong to her housekeeper, which merited further investigation by the Phoenix police department. I guess it remains to be seen if they've had an opportunity to learn forensic science, which leads them to feel even more positive in positively identifying Laura's body. The folks at Collinwood may be more willing to believe it now that they've experienced a number of inexplicable events relating to her. We can certainly be positive that the Phoenix police are positively incompetent.

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