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Dark Shadows Episode 524 - 6/28/68

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Trask has disappeared, and Jeff has a headache. Vicki points out that the fact he recognized Trask proves he's Peter Bradford. He tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about. He doesn't remember anything. Vicki's upset that he can't remember what just happened. He tells her to stop trying to tell her that he's a two-hundred year-old man. Vicki suggests they could try hypnosis by Professor Stokes. She says if she traveled through time, then he could have, too.

There's a knock at the door and Jeff lets Joe in. Jeff acts oddly around him. Maggie comes down to leave with Joe. Jeff says he can come by and get his things, since it wouldn't be right for him to stay with her now that her father is dead. He goes into the drawing room, and Maggie asks what's wrong with him. Vicki tells her he just needs rest.

Vicki asks why Jeff stared oddly at Joe. He says it was just his headache. He reiterates that he's not going to undergo hypnosis.

Joe and Maggie return to her cottage, and she says she doesn't remember leaving the light on in the window. Joe offers to take her back to Collinwood, and she says she'll be fine. She says she'll leave her pop's things just where he left them. Joe turns on another light and notices several things have been knocked around. Maggie asks who that could be, and Joe suggests it might have been Adam. Maggie finds a pin on the floor, and says that if it was Adam, he wasn't alone. She says it's a stick pin with Professor Stokes' monogram. Joe asks why Stokes would come back to the house after the accident. Maggie finds the thought frightening.

Jeff arrives and apologizes for being rude to Joe. He says good night and retires to his room. Joe tells her he wants to stay the night. He says he'll stay on the sofa.

Jeff dreams, and sees Vicki led by a man with a torch. She's brought past a jail cell he's in, and tells him that Forbes turned her in.

As Peter, he tells her he'll kill Forbes when he gets out. He then dreams of Forbes drinking. He enters, and tells him he's coming for him. Forbes asks what he wants, and Peter tells him he's going to kill him for what he did to Vicki. Forbes laughs, and Peter lunges at him. Forbes pulls a gun on him. Jeff distracts him and grabs the gun. Forbes tells him to go ahead and shoot him. Forbes laughs at him for trying to be a hero. He tells Jeff that it's too late.

Jeff pulls the trigger, but nothing happens to Forbes, who continues laughing. He explains he's already dead, and Jeff wakes with a start.

Joe hears Jeff screaming, and goes in to wake him. Jeff sees him, calls him Forbes, and tries to strangle him.

Our thoughts

John: So where is Jeff going to stay if not at the Evans' cottage? Collinwood?

Christine: Where else is there for him to stay? It's not like he can afford the Collinsport Hotel. I am confused about the sleeping arrangements at the Evans' cottage. If Jeff is sleeping in Maggie's room, does that mean Maggie has been sleeping in Sam's room all this time? Maybe I don't want to try and figure this out.

John: While Jeff got the jump on Joe with the element of surprise, something tells me that Joe is going to turn the tables on him very quickly.

Christine: You also thought Peter Bradford would have bested Nathan Forbes the last time they mixed it up, though my money is on Jeff Clark. He may not be more powerful, but he's got the strength and impulsivity of a madman, though it's possible a good, hard crack on the noggin from Joe might set him to rights, and get him to remember who he really is.

John: Am I the only one upset that while we wait for the conclusion to the dream curse, we've now got unrelated dreams of Jeff to contend with? When his dream first started, I thought for a second that he somehow got swept up in Angelique's dream curse.

Christine: It is frustrating that we've gone for more than a week without a dream curse update, but I suspect it can't go forward since Sam didn't finish telling Vicki the dream and Angelique is not around to do anything about it. It's funny how Nathan Forbes seems to be spending his afterlife getting blotto and making appearances in dreams. Does Jeff's dream prove that he really is Peter Bradford, and if so, how did he manage to travel forward in time, and why is he is he so angry about it that he vehemently denies it? He was a real obnoxious lout today, which seems to be a common quality in Vicki's boyfriends.

Dark Shadows Before I Die Round Robin Nightmare tracker (bold appearing in this episode):
  1. Wide-eyed skull
  2. Guillotine
  3. Lang's Headless creation
  4. Skeletal bride 
  5. Educational Bat-footage
  6. Giant spider-web 
  7. Mounted wolf's head 
  8. Carolyn's tombstone 
  9. Maggie with Sam's coffin

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