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Dark Shadows Episode 517 - 6/19/68

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Cassandra manages to command the flames burning her to go out. She says that when she meets Trask again, Barnabas will be destroyed.

Vicki is telling Joe about an accident Sam had when Cassandra returns to Collinwood.  As Vicki leaves the drawing room, she asks Cassandra how long she's been there. Cassandra says she didn't mean to eavesdrop, and asks if Sam had an accident. Vicki says she doesn't know if it was an accident or not. Vicki excuses herself and goes upstairs. Cassandra leaves in a hurry.

Maggie is with her dad in the hospital when Joe arrives. She's happy to see him. He asks why she didn't call him, and says if he had stayed with her, Sam wouldn't be in the hospital.

He asks what happened, and Maggie says that Adam was at the house, and there was a misunderstanding during which Adam knocked Sam down, and he hit his head. He asks if she's done anything about Adam, and she says that her dad was right—Adam wasn't trying to hurt them.

Cassandra enters and apologizes for the intrusion. She says she had to come and see if there was something she could do. Maggie says they can only pray for his recovery. Cassandra says she'll stay with her father while she and Joe get some coffee.
They leave, and Cassandra approaches Sam's bed,  and pours something into his water glass. She brings it to him and says it's time to wake up. She tells him to drink the water, and pours it into his mouth.

He says he wants to tell Maggie something, and she says he'll be sleepy, and won't have time to tell anyone anything. He says Adam is his friend, and it wasn't his fault. He then passes out. She was interested in what he was saying, but she's more interested in him sleeping and having the dream. Maggie and Joe return, and Cassandra says her father stirred, but went back to sleep.

Sam dreams that there's a knock on the door. He doesn't get out of bed, but Vicki enters. She beckons him to follow her, and he says he's not supposed to leave the bed. He does, following her to an open door.

After he enters, she locks the door behind him. He opens a door revealing the wide-eyed skull. He cries and the approaches the next door, behind which he encounters the skeletal bride. The next door he opens has the guillotine, at which he appears to laugh, but is likely stills screaming. The last door he opens reveals Maggie dressed all in black. She turns from him and leans on a coffin. Sam asks who's dead, and realizes she's mourning for him. He repeats that he's not dead, and wakes up screaming that he's not dead. He tells her she was in his dream, saying it was just like she told him. He says he's got to see Vicki before he dies. He needs to tell her about it so he can die in peace.

There's a knock at the door at Collinwood. It's Joe, asking if she would mind putting off her trip and joining him to meet Sam at the hospital. She agrees, but asks him why.

From Sam's hospital room, Maggie calls Professor Stokes. She tells him he's had the dream, and he's terribly frightened. She says Vicki was in his dream, and Joe went to get her. She hangs up and tells her father Stokes is on his way. Sam asks about Vicki, and Maggie says she's coming, too. He says he's going to die.

In the drawing room, Cassandra opens the window to the garden while holding a candle. She calls to Sam and says he must not die yet. He must live long enough to tell Vicki the dream. She says Vicki will take the final step and carry the dream to Barnabas.

Sam asks what's taking Vicki so long. She tries to comfort him when Vicki arrives. Sam says he has to tell her about the dream before he dies. Vicki says he's not going to die. She asks him to tell her his dream.

Our thoughts

John: Funny how the flames weren't exactly following Cassandra's commands, though she acted as if they were. I'm beginning to think Angelique is a SuperWitch and there's no Kryptonite that will stop her.

Christine: That is part of the appeal of her character. I wonder if she may have inspired Jason Voorhees. I'm disappointed with Trask for returning to his grave without making sure his task was complete. I thought she'd at least get taken out for a little while before resurrecting herself.

John: I'm not sure why Cassangelique needs to resort to drugging Sam to get him to dream. You'd think he would have had the dream when he was unconscious.

Christine: Stokes never told Sam the dream to pass it on, so perhaps the drug is some kind of workaround. I'm surprised he thinks he's dying. I would have thought that his coming out of the coma, and the lack of attention from any medical staff was a sign of improvement. Why does he need to wear his sunglasses in his hospital bed, especially while he's sleeping?

John: If Sam was truly blind, wouldn't he be blind in the dream, too? I think we've reached a new level of dream-overacting with Sam.

Christine: It's possible he could dream visually because his blindness is relatively new to him. Part of the dream curse seems to be that the dreamer becomes more theatrical as it progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed Sam's overacting. It sounded like he was laughing hysterically, and I laughed hysterically along with him.

Dark Shadows Before I Die Round Robin Nightmare tracker (bold appearing in this episode):
  1. Wide-eyed skull
  2. Guillotine
  3. Lang's Headless creation
  4. Skeletal bride 
  5. Educational Bat-footage
  6. Giant spider-web 
  7. Mounted wolf's head 
  8. Carolyn's tombstone 
  9. Maggie with Sam's coffin 

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Grant said...

When I read about Cassandra returning to Collinwood after rescuing herself from the flames, I couldn't help seeing an image of her covered in soot with smoke rising from her, like in a cartoon or a really broad comedy.