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Dark Shadows Episode 522 - 6/26/68

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Roger admits that Cassandra wasn't happy at Collinwood. He says he's been selfish, knowing it's hard for someone new to fit in. Barnabas returns, shaking his head. Roger then mentions the portrait that Vicki bought, and pulls it out, saying he found it in a locked closet. He points out how it has become faded, and says he plans to bring it into town to be restored. There's a knock at the door, and Roger wonders who would be calling so late. Barnabas goes to answer it. The man at the door introduces himself as Nicholas Blair, Cassandra's brother.

Roger invites him in, and introduces him to Julia and Barnabas. Blair says he is excited to see Collinwood, having read about it in his sister's letters. Roger offers him a drink, and he explains he doesn't have 'little' vices. Barnabas asks where he's from, and he says Martinique, and asks if Barnabas has been there. Barnabas replies that he hasn't been there recently. Roger mentions Cassandra has been missing for the past 24 hours, and Blair seems disappointed to hear that he has already contacted the police.

Blair suggests that someone in the house didn't like her, and asks if it was Julia. She says she barely knew her. He says Cassandra is not well liked by many women. Blair then asks Barnabas if he barely knew her, too. Blair suggests that she has walked away in similar situations, but she'll return. He adds that nothing can happen to her that cannot be undone.

Roger invites Blair to stay at Collinwood, and leads him upstairs, bringing the portrait of Angelique with him.

Barnabas tells Julia that Angelique has no blood brother, though he's sure Blair knows what he is. Julia points out that Roger took the painting upstairs. Barnabas tells her to call Stokes and tell him everything, in case he has any idea what to do.

Roger brings Blair to a room and sets down the portrait. Blair says he's glad his sister found a man like him to appreciate her. He admires the portrait. He tells Roger that now that he's here, Cassandra is sure to show up. Roger is surprised she hadn't mentioned him. Blair points out it's a shame the portrait is faded, and Roger says he will have it restored. Blair says he has done restoration, and asks Roger if he'll let him do it.

In the old house, Barnabas prepares to leave to go see Professor Stokes. Willie is carrying the rifle. Barnabas tells him to put it away, and after he leaves, Willie does.

Outside the window, Joe Haskell watches him. Willie starts to go upstairs when Joe knocks on the door, threatening to break in.

Willie asks what he wants, and Joe tells him to let him in. Willie asks if something has happened to Maggie, and opens the door. Joe says she's as fine as anyone can be whose father has just been murdered. Joe says Adam killed Sam, and Maggie knows Willie knows who Adam is. Joe says he wants to find Adam, and Willie is going to help him. Joe grabs his arm and holds it behind his back. Willie says Adam is a bum he fed once. Joe continues to twist his arm, and Willie says Adam hates Barnabas, not him. Joe lets him go and he runs and gets the gun. Joe tells Willie to let Barnabas know that he'll be back.

Blair looks at the portrait, and says that Angelique has gotten herself into a mess. He asks her to whisper to him where she is. He then asks for a sign, and Robert Cobert's creepy music starts to play. Then it stops. Blair determines he needs to go where Barnabas lives.

Willie prepares to brick up the wall where Trask's skeleton resides. He hears someone upstairs, and realizes it can't be Barnabas. He wonders if it's Adam, or Joe. He goes upstairs and finds a strange man in the foyer.

The man asks him to tell Barnabas that Nicholas Blair is here. Willie says he's gone, and Blair says that he'll do. He says Willie will do exactly as he says, and show him through the house. He adds that Willie is good at following orders, and reminds him to keep his eyes focused on him. He calls Willie by name, and then says if he trusts him completely, he can tell him his name and take his eyes away. Willie says he's Willie Loomis. Blair adds that he won't remember anything they say. He asks Willie about Cassandra, and Willie says she's a witch. He adds that they told the ghost of the skeleton downstairs that she was at Collinwood. Blair asks if the skeleton is there. Willie says yes, and Blair tells him to sit in a chair and forget their discussion. Willie sits in the chair while Blair goes downstairs.

In the cellar, Blair finds the skeleton, which he recognizes as Reverend Trask. He asks where Angelique is, and tells Trask that he cannot be defeated.

Our thoughts

John: It's clear that Nicholas Blair is going to be a fun addition to the cast, the likes of which we haven't seen since Jason McGuire. Nice to have another charismatic character come in just as we've lost the great Reverend Trask again...

Christine: He is delightfully devilish. I especially enjoyed his interactions with Barnabas. His asking if he's ever been to Martinique seems to indicate that he knows Barnabas' past history and misadventures with Angelique. He was also able to bring Willie under his power pretty easily, which may mean that he's even more powerful than Angelique.

John: Barnabas is going to have his hands full as he deals with Joe, and now Nicholas Blair. I hope for his sake that Professor Stokes has a plan, because he seems to have nothing!

Christine: For those who are studying Bob Cobert's music cues at home with The Complete Dark Shadows Music Collection, the music cue that serves as a sign that Angelique is still with us is Cue 80A, and is appropriately titled, "Angelique's Spook." I love how Julia smiles when she talks about how the faded portrait makes it seems that Angelique is almost dead.

John: Impressive that Blair is able to recognize Trask from his skeleton. Makes you wonder if he would have recognized him if he was wearing the wedding dress...

Christine: It may not be that he recognizes Trask's skeleton, but that he has the same all-knowing qualities his 'sister' has. He would probably recognize him in the wedding dress since it would be typical of the type of joke Angelique would play to have Trask appear as a bride in accursed dreams. Can't wait to hear more of his modern views on women!

"She has felt hostility and she has reacted to it in a typically feminine way. She has simply walked away from it." -Nicholas Blair

"It just gives me the...willies even being here." -Willie

Dark Shadows Before I Die Round Robin Nightmare tracker (bold appearing in this episode):
  1. Wide-eyed skull
  2. Guillotine
  3. Lang's Headless creation
  4. Skeletal bride 
  5. Educational Bat-footage
  6. Giant spider-web 
  7. Mounted wolf's head 
  8. Carolyn's tombstone 
  9. Maggie with Sam's coffin

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