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Dark Shadows Episode 515 - 6/17/68

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Maggie is alone when Willie stumbles into the Evans' cottage. Maggie asks him if Joe hurt him, and helps him to a chair. She then hears Adam, and sees him standing in the doorway. He tells her, "Willie bad!" and attacks him. Maggie tells him to stay away from Willie, and when he grabs her by the shoulders, she screams.

Willie tells Adam to let her go. Maggie tells him he's hurting her. When Adam realizes she's hurt he lets her go. Willie tells Maggie to go to the phone and call the police. She does, while Adam watches. When she starts to speak into the handset, he grabs the phone from her and rips it out of the wall. Willie calls to Adam to distract him. Maggie tells Adam that Willie is hurt. He seems sympathetic. Willie tells him that he'll get him food. Adam doesn't seem to trust him. Willie asks Maggie to give him some jewelry. Adam is distracted when Sam walks in.

Maggie tells him there's a madman there with them, and Willie is, too. Sam realizes she's referring to Adam, and calls him. He goes to Sam, and Maggie hits Adam with a hammer.

Adam stalks her, and Sam tells her to get behind him. Sam tells Adam that he's his friend, and Adam remembers. Sam tells Adam that Maggie is his friend. Adam says, "Kill Maggie." Sam then hits Adam with his cane. Adam knocks out Sam, and runs out of the cottage.

A frightened Adam makes his way through the woods.

Willie comes back and tells Maggie the doctor will be there soon. She says her father is dying.

Adam realizes he hurt his friend, and realizes that he's been bad.

Maggie and Willie return to the cottage. Willie tells her she should get some sleep, and gives her pills the doctor gave him for her. She says that if her father dies during the night she wants to be there. Willie assures her he'll be alright. He offers to come back tomorrow, and she asks him who the maniac was. Willie says he doesn't know anything about him. She says he knew his name was Adam. He tells her that he's just seen him around.

She says he offered him food, and knew how to calm him down. Willie says he can explain, and then says he came to the door of the old house a few times, and he fed him. He says one time Adam asked for food, and when he didn't give it to him they got in a fight. Maggie thinks Willie is hiding something from her. She asks if Barnabas knows him. He says no, and that she can't speak to Barnabas because he disappeared. She says she's going to find out who the man is so he can be punished for what he did to her dad. She tells Willie that come tomorrow morning, she expects better answers than he has given her tonight.

In the old house, Julia wonders where Willie is, and what happened to Barnabas. She hears a woman sobbing in the basement. She goes downstairs and sees the ghost of Josette next to the brick wall. When the ghost notices Julia, she disappears.

Willie returns to the old house to find Julia upstairs, and tells her that Adam survived. He broke into the Evans' cottage and may have killed Sam. Willie says they've got to find him before the police do, because Adam knows more words now. Julia laments Barnabas' absence, and Willie says that it's up to them to kill Adam. She asks if he knows where Barnabas is, and Willie says he doesn't know. She's sure something terrible has happened. Once again, they hear a woman sobbing, and Julia leads Willie downstairs.

In the basement, they hear the sobbing even louder, but see no one. The sobbing stops, and Willie starts to leave. Julia says she knows who's sobbing, and it has to do with Barnabas. She says she saw Josette's ghost earlier, and she must have been grieving for Barnabas. She points to the brick wall, and asks why she'd be grieving next to that wall. Julia asks when Willie bricked up the wall, and he says he didn't. She asks who did, and then said it was Trask. She says he must have wanted revenge against Barnabas. She realizes that Barnabas is behind the wall, and has been there for three days and might be dead. Willie goes to get tools.

Our thoughts

John: Poor Adam. Guy can't catch a break if people are more likely to trust 'bad' Willie than him.

Christine: I'll bet Joe is going to feel bad that he wasn't there for Maggie at the hospital with Sam in a coma, and even worse when he finds out that Willie was. If only he had called the police to report Adam the day he saw him at Sam's house, this never would have happened.

John: While alone in the old house, Julia hears a woman sobbing, and isn't the least bit alarmed? It was almost as if Grayson Hall was not acting to the voice-over dialogue that was recorded separately.

Christine: She did have a rather subdued response to the sobbing, especially for someone who is an expert at the theatrical gasp, however, she didn't sound alarmed in the voiceover either. Fans of 70s TV may be interested to know that Josette's sobbing was furnished by Florence Stanley, who played Abe Vigoda's wife on Barney Miller and Fish. She is also credited on imdb for being the sobbing woman in the basement at Collinwood way back in Episode 4.

John: After ignoring a ton of clues, they finally clue in on the fact that Barnabas is (likely dead) behind the brick wall. If he's not already dead, I hope they don't kill him when breaking down the brick wall!

Christine: If he were still a vampire, he could survive entombment for three days, but not as a human. He is no longer kicking. He surely must be dead. And if he's not, I'd expect him to be pretty irritated with the two of them for not figuring out where he was a lot sooner.

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