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Episode 218 - 4/27/67

Jason enters the Collins' family crypt, looking for Willie. There's no sign of him, so he leaves. Jason makes his way out of the cemetery, and Barnabas appears out of the fog.

Roger is unsuccessful trying to find Barnabas. He calls and fins out that he's not staying at the Inn. Roger suggests that they should have invited Barnabas to stay. At least more than her two sea tramps. Roger also suggests it might be valuable business-wise to have him stay. He explains that he may end up being a consultant to Barnabas when there's a knock at the door.

It's Barnabas. Roger invites him in, and lets him know they were just speaking of him. He says he tried reaching him at the Inn. Roger invites him to stay with them, and Barnabas says he has considered changing his accommodations. He offers a counter-proposal to Roger's invitation. He says he'd like to move into the old house. Roger explains that it's in a terrible state of decay. Barnabas explains that he's thought of the house for years. Liz says she's surprised that he's there at all, as she was unaware that his ancestor ever married.

Barnabas explains that his relative was most certainly properly married. Barnabas explains that he'll cover any expenses, and that he'd be happy to pay them any rent for the property. Roger says he wouldn't think of charging him rent. Barnabas explains that he shouldn't presume, as he's an intruder. Liz says she's not ready to consider such a possibility. He asks her to think about it carefully. He explains that to live in the house is an experience he won't be complete without. He tells her to give it as much time as she needs. She excuses herself, and he asks Roger if it's that absurd of a request. Roger says that he understands Barnabas is sentimental, and offers to discuss it with Liz.

Liz stops in to see Jason and asks where Willie is. He explains that he went out. He says he tried to stop him, but was unable. Liz says that if he's well enough to leave the house, he's well enough to leave the house permanently. She threatens him, and he plays the police card once again.

Barnabas asks Roger for the address of the shipyard owner. He steps into his study, leaving Barnabas in the foyer. He looks at the portraits when Jason walks in. Jason asks if they've met. Barnabas says never, and Jason introduces himself. He explains he's a friend of the family. Barnabas asks if he's enjoying his stay, and Jason asked how he knew he was staying here. Jason is still sure he had seen him before, and Barnabas points out his portrait. Jason says he hears some strange stories about the jewels he had—that he was buried with every piece of jewelry that he owned. He asks if that would invite grave robbers. Barnabas explains that he was buried in England, and that the jewelry was not buried with him.

Roger walks in on Liz in his study. He tells her Barnabas is gone. He found Jason McGuire accosting him. Roger asks if she likes Barnabas. She says she does. They discuss his proposition. Roger makes a case that for someone so steeped in family history, he should be able to stay in the house. Roger says he'll call him in the morning to ensure he knows he's welcome, and then realizes he didn't get the number where he was staying.

Barnabas walks through the graveyard, entering the family crypt.

Our thoughts

John: Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted Barnabas in the background when Jason leaves the crypt in the pre-credit sequence.

Christine: It may also be noted during this sequence that Barnabas is not repelled by the image of the cross as he reaches out to rest his hand on one marking a grave, just prior to the opening title.

John: Jason didn't waste any time interrogating Barnabas about his ancestor's jewelry. But for once, it appears that he may be outmatched in his social engineering techniques. Barnabas is also quite adept. having managed not to tell anyone where he is currently staying.

Christine: I couldn't tell if he was trying to insinuate that Barnabas robbed his own ancestor's grave, or if he was trying to determine if he caught Willie attempting to do so.

John: Barnabas has planted the seed for taking up residence in the old house, and Roger is all for the idea, if partially for selfish reasons. But he makes a good point—if Liz' sea tramps can stay in the main house, how can they deny a blood relative his request to stay at the old house.

Christine: I love how Elizabeth's head snaps up when Roger says they wouldn't dream of charging Barnabas rent. I especially enjoyed when Roger tells Barnabas, "She usually respects my advice. I'm sure I can talk her into almost anything." Roger certainly seems ecstatic to have Barnabas around. 

Roger: "I think we'll be good friends."
Barnabas: "More than friends. We're actually cousins!"
The portrait of Isaac Collins seems to have finally found a home in the study.
Barnabas does not fear the cross in the cemetery.

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