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Episode 207 - 4/12/67

At The Blue Whale, Jason buys Willie a drink. Willie says he's tired of being told he's messing things up, and he wants some money soon. Jason says they agree on what they want, but disagree on the best way to get it. Jason gives him some cash to hold him over.

Joe, Maggie and Sam arrive, and Jason tells Willie to avoid them. Sam asks who they are, and Maggie says they're bad news. Jason tells Willie he doesn't want him to tangle with anyone. Willie says he's bound to lock horns with Burke Devlin. Jason tells him he has to avoid Burke, but Willie makes no promises, just as Burke walks in. Burke and Willie have a staring contest. Jason gets between them and tells Willie to turn away.

Burke joins Joe, Maggie and Sam at their table. Joe mentions how he had a run-in with Willie the other night. Neither Burke nor Joe can understand why Liz lets the two stay up at Collinwood with the girls there. Sam heads to the bar for a drink.

Jason tells Willie he wants Devlin as a friend. Willie can't believe when Jason tells him Burke is an ex-con. He tells Willie to stay put, and asks Burke to join him for a drink. Jason tries to explain that Willie is not a bad guy. Burke tells him that if Willie lets out another peep, he's going to wipe the streets with him.

Willie joins Sam at the other end of the bar, and offers to buy him a drink. Sam accepts, and they drink to friendship. Willie asks if Sam's beard is real.

Joe and Maggie see that Sam is talking to Willie, and Joe says he only preys on girls.

Burke refuses to believe Willie is basically a good guy. He asks why Jason hangs with him, and he explains that Willie is a good man. Burke also suggests that Jason has something on Liz in order to have his run of the house.

Willie finds out Sam is an artist, and asks him if he's got models. Sam gets uncomfortable with Willie's questions, and Maggie tries to pry his father away from Willie. Willie starts asking if Maggie models for him, as she's got a nice build. Burke interrupts them and Jason tries to prevent a confrontation. Willie calls Burke an ex-con, and then Burke slaps him around. Willie pulls a knife on him, and Burke quickly disarms him and knocks him down. He tells Jason to take him out, and that if he doesn't get Willie out of town, he's coming after both of them.

Outside, Jason says Willie can come back for revenge on Devlin, but for now he has to leave town. Willie says he will, if he gets enough dough.

Our thoughts

John: Jason's convincing Willie to behave almost lasted a whole act. But any more than that would have probably been too hard to believe. And just when you think Willie is going to curb his creepy habits, he starts in on Maggie again. Funny that they had to send Joe out to make a call so they didn't have to fight over who would protect her from Willie.

Christine: When were you thinking he was going to curb his creepy habits? It must have been before he watched a woman walk by him and let his creep flag fly.

Christine: I'd like to recognize Bob O'Connell, who's been serving drinks as Bartender Bob Rooney since Episode 1. He looked like he really wished he had dialogue today.

John: Yeah. I love how he makes a grab for a bottle to break over Willie's head, only to be called off by Burke. Fortunately, he's there to hold up the bar when Burke mops the floor with Willie. Frankly, our boy Willie gets off easy, going down with just one punch after Burke gets the knife out of his hand. It will be interesting to see how this news is taken once it gets back to Collinwood.

Christine: I could have sworn I heard two more punches land after the one that put him down.

Willie nearly takes out the whole bar.
Burke winds up for the knockout.

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