Thursday, April 6, 2017

Episode 204 - 4/6/67

Vicki and Carolyn have coffee. Carolyn asks about the stranger, and Vicki says his name is Willie Loomis, and he's staying at Collinwood. Carolyn doesn't understand why her mother would allow that. Vicki tells Carolyn to stay away from him. Carolyn is surprised her mother didn't throw him out after what he did to Vicki. She says it's as if Jason McGuire has some kind of hold over her. Vicki explains that she's afraid of Willie. She says she saw him attack someone in The Blue Whale for no reason, only to be stopped by Jason.

Willie walks in on Roger in the drawing room and says good morning. Roger asks who he is and what he's doing. Willie says that Liz invited him to stay as a house guest. Roger asks how long he has known her, and Willie says last night. Roger clarifies that Willie is a guest of Jason McGuire. Willie asks where to get food. Roger asks how long he intends to stay, and Willie says he likes it there. Roger leaves, and Willie laughs.

In the kitchen with Vicki and Carolyn, Roger tells them that he can't understand his sister. Liz wouldn't provide an explanation, and told him he could leave if he didn't like it. Willie joins them and says he's starved. Roger leaves, followed by Carolyn and Vicki. Willie tells them to fix him breakfast. Vicki tells Carolyn not to argue with him, and Willie tells her to get him coffee. He tells Carolyn to sit down with him, and she does. Vicki brings him coffee, and he gives her his breakfast order. Vicki leaves, and Carolyn tells Willie to stop staring at her. He asks her what people do for action in this town, and she dismisses him. He says all girls are the same, and she shouldn't pretend she's better than him. Vicki comes back and tells Willie Mrs. Johnson is preparing his breakfast. The two girls leave Willie alone in the kitchen.

In The Blue Whale, Vicki tells Burke that Liz invited Willie to stay in Collinwood. Burke tells her to call him if he does anything to her or Carolyn. Willie walks in and Burke gets up to have a talk with him. Vicki begs him not to, and he agrees. Willie comes over, and Burke tells him to go someplace  else. Burke tells Willie to behave himself up at Collinwood. Willie tells Burke that he may be a big man in this hick town, but he can save his advice for the locals. Willie asks if he wants to get into a mix. Burke stands up and Vicki pleads with him to sit down. She asks Willie to go away, and he does. She asks Burke to let him go.

Carolyn is in the drawing room when Willie returns home. He says he was bored and decided to come home. She tells him goodnight and tries to go upstairs. He asks her to have a nightcap with him. She tells him to fix himself one. He tells her to fix him a drink, and she does. She tries to get by him again, but he blocks her way. He tells her he digs blondes. He strokes it and she tells him not to touch her. He tells her he likes her more than she suspects. She says he disgusts her, and tells him to stay away from her. She says he'll be sorry if he doesn't leave her alone. He closes the drawing room doors and approaches her. He touches her hair and she pulls a gun from a drawer. She tells him to get out or she'll shoot him. He backs out of the room, and creeps upstairs. 

Our thoughts

John: Take 3? I think that's a first in the history of the show. Could it be problems with 'fake' Willie? And was that a new tune in The Blue Whale?

Christine: I believe the first episode was the only other Take #3 episode. I imagine that anyone responsible for causing three takes would be let go of as soon as possible.

John: Willie is about as sleazy as they come, and things are looking to get very uncomfortable in Collinwood. Of course Carolyn pulling a gun on him probably isn't going to make everything better. 

"I like you. And Willie is a man who knows what he likes. And I like what I see." -Willie Loomis

Christine: I can't understand why the girls would stick around to serve him coffee and endure his creepiness. It's not like Collinwood is not big enough for them to evade him. 

John: Could it be? Why yes, it appears to be Barnabas' portrait on the wall by the staircase during the end credits!

Christine: Viewers in 1967 may have had no idea what that portrait portends, but how cool for us to get this early glimpse.


  1. Is this the first time someone pulls a gun on someone without any planning, a gun that's just right there?
    (If you read the "Dark Shadows Every Day" blog, you get used to jokes about Collinwood having a weapon of some kind in every corner of the house. And it doesn't seem to be that much of an exaggeration.)

  2. Faux Willie, the Three-Take Wonder? Well, that explains a lot. Thanks for your detective work! --Nonchalance