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Episode 202 - 4/4/67

Willie's at the bar in The Blue Whale when Maggie arrives. He tells the bartender he wants to buy her a drink, but she turns it down. Willie approaches her, and she tells him she's waiting for someone. He puts his drink down and sits at her table. She asks him not to, and he says no one tells him where not to sit. He invites her up to the bar for a drink, but she declines again. He says the whole town is unfriendly. She asks him to leave her alone, but he keeps at it.

Joe arrives just in time. Willie says he shouldn't keep his little lady so long. Joe sits down and Willie says he's interrupting their conversation. Willie tells Joe to wait at the bar until they're finished. Maggie tells Joe they should move to another table, and Willie says he'll follow them. Joe says he doesn't think he will. Maggie tells Joe to ignore Willie, but he stands up to him. Things are about to get out of hand when Jason McGuire walks in and calls Willie off. He sends him away, and Jason apologizes for him. Maggie says they're a strange pair—Jason is downright charming, and Willie is a creep. Joe says he doesn't see Sam, and Maggie tells him he's home painting.

At the bar, Jason tells Willie he's a fool. Willie says he's made up his mind that he wants to move in at Collinwood. Willie points out that Jason's wearing a new suit. Jason tells Willie that he explained this would be different. Jason gives him some more money to hold him over. Willie asks how long the money is supposed to last. Jason explains that if he tries to bring Willie in too soon, it will spoil everything. Jason tells him that if he thinks he can do better, he can catch the next bus out of town. Jason clarifies that this is his caper, and that he'll be calling the shots.  

Back at Collinwood, Jason helps himself to cigars in Roger's study. Carolyn enters and finds him smoking. She asks him about her father. Jason says if she's heard the bad part, he'll try and tell her of the other side of him. Jason describes Paul's hearty laugh. Carolyn asked why he left her mother, and Jason says that's just the kind of man he was. He also says he and Paul were very much alike. He says he would be very proud of Carolyn.

Carolyn leaves to go upstairs when there's a knock at the door. It's Willie looking for Jason. He sees him and walks in, past Carolyn. He tells Jason that he's decided to accept his invitation.

Our thoughts

John: Were the people dancing in The Blue Whale? Or convulsing?

Christine: It definitely looks like those kids are in some sort of distress. Apparently, these moves were typical of a 1967 dance floor.

John: I still can't get past this Willie imposter. He's a sleazy guy, and much more forceful than I recall Karlen ever playing him, though perhaps it will be Barnabas that breaks him.

Christine: Willie #1 acts like he has borderline personality disorder. 

John: So Willie goes against Jason's wishes, potentially disrupting his master plan. We'll see how Liz takes to another uninvited guest in Collinwood.

Christine: During her opening narration, Victoria Winters said that "there is another stranger—one who is to awaken and unleash a force that will affect the lives of everyone." Would this be our first clue that Barnabas is on the way?

"Listen, Speedball. No one tells me where to sit and not to sit." -Willie Loomis

"Willie, if your word were any good, you and I wouldn't be friends." -Jason McGuire

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