Monday, September 17, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 581 - 9/16/68

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Angelique tells Jeff that they must begin the experiment immediately. She says she knows that everything is ready, and she is prepared to provide the life force. Jeff tries to explain that he doesn't know what to do. She moves in on him and bites his neck.

Jeff asks Angelique why she has power over him. He reiterates that only Julia Hoffman can complete the experiment.  She says she can't involve others.

He realizes that she's double-crossing someone, and that's why she doesn't want anyone else involved. She says that he must know about the experiment, and he has until tomorrow night to learn everything he needs to know in order to run the experiment. He says that there's a chance she could die, and she says that's the least of her concerns. She tells him that she and death are old friends.

Carolyn lies in bed asleep when Adam sneaks into her room. He wakes her, and she asks why he came back. He tells her that he couldn't bear to never see her again. She says she's glad to see him, and he's thrilled that she's not angry he came back.

She stipulates that they have to be honest with one another. She explains that if his feelings about her remain the same, it may be difficult for him. He admits that he must live his life, and she must live hers. She tells him he's the most amazing creature, which rubs him the wrong way. She asks him if she said something wrong, and he tells her he wants to be friends as they were before. She says nothing would make him happier, and he tells her that all he wants to do is make her happy. She tells him she'll see him in the morning, and gives him a gift. He is brought to tears as he opens the gift to find a sweater inside. He says he had never gotten a gift before, and she asks if that's true, even as a child. He thanks her and runs off to his room.

Carolyn is in the drawing room when there's a knock at the door. It's Jeff, looking for Vicki. Carolyn explains that she took David out for the day, but should be home soon. He says it probably wouldn't do any good. Carolyn asks what happened between them, and he says he can't say. She begs him to stay, telling him that Vicki is broken-hearted. He asks her to tell Vicki that he came to see her, but he has to go, and his life will never be the same.

Adam visits the lab, wearing his new sweater, but no one is there. He stands over his mate when Angelique arrives, asking what he's doing there.

She says he has broken his word to Nicholas. Adam says he'll be in his room when Carolyn comes to see him in the morning. Adam asks why she's there, and she tells him Blair asked her to supervise the experiment. Adam doesn't believe her. She asks him what she has to gain from the experiment, and reminds him that she's there for his sake. She reminds Adam that Barnabas has tried to trick him in the past, and she's there to ensure he doesn't do it again. Adam doesn't trust her, but reluctantly leaves her alone in the lab. Angelique believes that she'll finally be free in a matter of hours.

Angelique lies on an operating table opposite Adam's mate. She tells Jeff that they must be finished by morning. He tells her that he can't go through with the experiment, and she tells him she can't wait another night. She uses her control over Jeff to get him to start the experiment. He flips switches and turns dials. Angelique begins to moan in ecstasy...

Our thoughts

John: Would Carolyn really call someone an 'amazing creature'? Oh wait, this is Carolyn Stoddard we're talking about. Of course she would...

Christine: I'm surprised Julia and Barnabas are not around to monitor the body now that it's ready to go and rapidly decomposing. Are we to assume that they are nestled in their beds while this experiment is going on without them? I find it difficult to believe that Barnabas wouldn't hear all the buzzing and beeping and shrieking and moaning coming from the basement.

John: How bad must your life be if the first gift you get is an ugly green sweater—and you love it. Poor Adam. Will he get around to telling Carolyn his origin? Perhaps that would generate the sympathy needed to get her to love him. Assuming of course that she's not reviled by the fact that he's stitched together from dead corpses. But let's be fair. I've got quirks, you've got quirks. We've all got quirks.

Christine: Adam never bathes and has been wearing the same gray turtleneck and black jacket since befriending Sam Evans after his tumble from Widows' Hill, so it's kind of like getting a gift of underwear from your grandma. If Carolyn were truly being thoughtful, she would have picked him up some fashionable mod clothing. At the very least, she could have given him more than one sweater so we wouldn't have to see him wear the same green sweater for the next few months, until she thinks to get him a new ugly sweater for Christmas.

John: Angelique has forced Jeff to proceed in an experiment he's clearly not qualified to run. Of course, as she seemingly enjoys the experiment (because we've seen her shriek in pain, and this definitely was not the same), perhaps she got what she wanted.

Christine: He seemed to be pressing all the right buttons. It's creative camerawork day on Dark Shadows! Here are some of the highlights:


Grant said...

Somehow stereotyped mod clothing is never ridiculous to me. So the thought of Adam wearing it is fine with me.

Christine said...

Maybe if she got him some cool threads he could find a lady on his own and wouldn't have to rely on Barnabas and Julia to make him a girlfriend.