Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Episode 8 - 7/6/66

Elizabeth goes into Vicki's room to close an open window, and picks up some letters on the floor. Carolyn enters to find her mother reading one, and lets her mother know Vicki has gone into town. Carolyn asks why she hired Vicki, and her mother sticks to the party line. Carolyn tells her that she thinks Vicki went to town to call the foundling home to determine if Elizabeth was telling the truth.

On the phone at the diner, Vicki asks Mrs. Hopewell if she had ever heard of Elizabeth Stoddard or Roger Collins. She explained that the letter from Collinsport was the first they heard from anyone in the Collins or Stoddard families, and that she also asked around, and no one else had, either.

Down in the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth is upset. She tells Carolyn maybe it was a mistake to bring Vicki to Collinsport. Carolyn urges her mother not to send Vicki back to New York. Elizabeth says she wants Carolyn to go away and be happy, and Vicki's presence in the house will finally allow for that.

Joe Haskell arrives at the house with flowers for Carolyn AND Elizabeth. Joe tells Carolyn that he just got a promotion. He won't be working on the boats any more, and he'll get a raise. On hearing the news, she seems a little more happy to see him. She says she loves him, but when he asks her to marry him, she dismisses him. Elizabeth joins them to hear Joe's good news, and Carolyn suggests that Elizabeth spoke with Bill Malloy to orchestrate the promotion. Elizabeth denies it, but then says that she agreed to Bill's 'suggestion' of promoting Joe as it would make it easier for them to get married.

A knock at the door hails the return of Vicki. Carolyn lets her in, and Vicki chooses not to confront Elizabeth.

Joe asks Elizabeth if she knows Burke Devlin. He explained that Devlin offered him money for information on  the Collins family. When me mentions that Devlin knew a lot about everyone, including Victoria Winters, Elizabeth rushes upstairs to talk to Vicki.

In Vicki's room, Elizabeth doesn't waver on her story about someone recommending her to Roger, and tells Vicki that Mrs. Hopewell is the one who was mistaken.

At the foundling home, Mrs. Hopewell dictates a letter to Vicki about a private investigator looking to find out why the Collins family hired her—Wilbur Strake.

Our thoughts

John: Apparently Carolyn and Vicki have become the best of friends in the two days she was in Collinwood.

Christine: Considering she's been living alone with her mother for 18 years, it's not difficult to see why she'd become fast friends with Vicki. 

John: Just what is up with Carolyn? She turns her cheek when Joe first attempts to give her a kiss, and later says she loves him. If she were just a mixed up kid that would be one thing, but there seems to be something else going on to explain why she'd be so reluctant to marry him.

Christine: Poor Joe has got to be confused by Carolyn's fluctuating temperature. Carolyn admits to Vicki that now that she has a chance to leave Collinwood, she's scared to get away, which may be the reason she rejects Joe's proposal, though I also think there's something more to it.

John: Good old Elizabeth is sticking to her guns with her seemingly fabricated 'you were recommended to my brother' story, and despite all evidence to the contrary, Vicki seems willing to give her another chance. I can't see things ending well. Not exactly a relationship built on trust. More and more, Elizabeth reminds me of the character Joan Bennett would play in Dario Argento's Suspiria.


  1. I'd forgotten till I saw that photo, but Mrs. Hopewell is played by Elizabeth Wilson.

    1. I had to look her up. I see she was in The Birds, The Graduate, and Catch 22, among many other film and TV appearances.

    2. She was also great in "Little Murders." A lot of it is TOO dark a comedy for me, but the actors and characters almost FORCE you to watch it (especially Donald Sutherland's minister in the wedding scene).