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Episode 12 - 7/12/66

While walking outside the house near the cliff, Victoria is startled by Roger.  The wind squeals and Roger says it's the wind—or the widows. Unhappy, mournful, the agony of restlessness. He describes the women who would come out and look at the ocean, waiting for their husbands to come home. When Jeremiah built the house, he told the widows to stay off the property. Roger describes them as ghosts, and Victoria says she doesn't believe in ghosts. He explains  that she's only been around for a short while, and soon, she will. He asks if she met up with someone earlier, and she describes her brief encounter with Sam.

In the diner, Sam tells Maggie he's moving away from Collinsport. She asks if it has to do with Roger Collins. He denies any connection to Roger. He tells her he loves her and leaves.

Roger asks Vicki about her having coffee with Burke Devlin. Roger says Burke is dangerous, and if he seems pleasant, it's a tactic.

Sam returns home, with Maggie close behind him. Maggie asks why their relationship changed, and Sam says there are some things that can't be said; can't be faced.

Roger tells Victoria he wants her to go home to New York before she's unable to. Carolyn finds them, and says mother wants to see him in the drawing room. After he leaves, Carolyn asks what they were talking about and Vicki says Burke Devlin. Carolyn follows up with, "That's interesting. He's with my mother right now—in the drawing room."

Roger arrives at Collinwood and hesitates before entering the drawing room to make a call. Maggie answers the phone and gets Sam. Roger says he wants to see him about Devlin, and Sam hangs up on him. The phone rings again, and Sam picks it up, hangs up, and leaves it off the hook. Maggie points out that Sam wasn't so frightened before Burke Devlin came to town. She asks about a man getting killed, Devlin going to prison, and now Roger Collins returning to Collinwood. She finally asks if he really thinks he can get away from whatever is concerning him.

Vicki and Carolyn return to the house. She asks if Matthew might know why Roger is troubled by Burke Devlin. Carolyn encourages her to go ask him. She listens at the drawing room door but hears nothing. Roger comes down stairs and Carolyn asks if he met with her mother. He says it can wait as he goes to leave, and she tells him Burke Devlin is in the drawing room.

Roger waffles between the front door and drawing room, then removes his jacket, puts his hand on the drawing room doorknob, and...

Our thoughts

John: We get a different view of the house in the opening; what appears to be the camera moving in on a painting, perhaps with light through the windows.

Christine: I didn't recognize it until I compared to the usual shot we see. Vicki should be careful not to stand so close to the edge of the cliff, especially after the legend Carolyn shared with her in Episode 9, and with Roger sneaking up on her. The sound of the wailing widows (or the wind) was effective in raising the level of tension during their conversation. We learn some Collinwood history from Roger as he informs Vicki that Jeremiah built the house almost 150 years ago. 

John: Boy, that Roger sure is a chicken. He has no problem intimidating young girls, but shakes in his boots at the mere mention of Burke Devlin.

Christine: But he's such a charming, "nice fellow." With Maggie's mention of a man being killed in connection with the event involving Roger and Burke, we may be able to understand why Roger is so frightened.

John: I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to have to wait until Friday, or next week, to finally see a Roger/Burke confrontation. At this point, I'm willing to bet the next episode starts with Roger changing his mind and leaving the house without seeing Burke.

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