Thursday, July 21, 2016

Episode 19 - 7/21/66

Elizabeth comes downstairs in her nightgown, unable to sleep. Bill calls to update her on Carolyn. He confirms that she did leave the Blue Whale with Devlin, but they haven't arrived back at his hotel. Bill says he'll see if they've gone back to the bar.

Sam is in the Blue Whale when Bill arrives. They have a drink and talk about Burke Devlin.

Joe and Carolyn enter the diner together, with no sign of Burke Devlin. They argue about the events of the night.

Sam tells Bill he ordered another round, and then he has to go pick up Maggie at the diner. Sam asks about Carolyn and Burke going up to Collinwood together. At first Bill doesn't say anything, but ultimately tells Sam about Roger's accident. Sam asks if Burke Devlin was anywhere near Roger's car.

Joe and Carolyn eat hamburgers. He asks if she knew Devlin was at the Blue Whale, and she confirms she did. Joe goes to get her a cup of coffee and Sam walks in and sees her alone at the table.

Bill calls Liz letting her know that he found Carolyn. He told her about the accident and she was on her way home.

Bill thanks Sam for calling him about Carolyn over a cup of coffee.

Joe and Carolyn arrive back at Collinwood. Carolyn apologizes, and says he's a great guy. Liz is pleased to see her. She runs upstairs to see her uncle, and Liz asks Joe if she can talk to him for a minute. Liz asks about her going to the Blue Whale to met Devlin. She then asks if he left based on the way Carolyn was interacting with Devlin. Liz says that tonight Devlin was almost a murderer. Carolyn comes downstairs to say Uncle Roger's not in his room. Liz explains that Devlin tampered with Roger's brakes. Carolyn asks her why Burke would want to kill Roger. She explains that Roger testified against him in Burke's manslaughter trial, and that Devlin swore he'd come back for them.

Our thoughts

John: This episode offers our first glimpse of Liz with her hair down, and out of her designer clothes by Ohrbach's.

Christine: Instead we see her in her designer robe from Ohrbach's.

John: During their midnight burger run, Joe lays out his heart, and Carolyn asks him for a cup of coffee. Ouch! I was a little disappointed that the follow up to the Joe/Burke/Carolyn confrontation occurred offscreen. If they dropped Burke off at the hotel, wouldn't Bill have seen him?

Christine: It's good to see Joe finally let Carolyn know he can't keep being "good ol' Joe" to stand by on the sidelines.

John: Just when I think Liz is going to lay out the tale of Burke's murder conviction for Carolyn, she gives the Cliff's Notes version we're all already familiar with.

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