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Dark Shadows Episode 559 - 8/15/68

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Blair looks into a mirror when Angelique walks up and asks if he's admiring himself again. He doesn't deny it. She asks if Barnabas agreed to another experiment, and Blair says he did so in exchange for Vicki's release. Angelique is clearly jealous that Barnabas loves Vicki more than her. Blair asks her to look into the mirror, and when she does, she sees Vicki. He says he's not going to release Vicki, but he will allow her to escape. In the mirror, we see Vicki as she hears the door to the room she's in open on its own. She gets up and sneaks out. Blair tells Angelique to hide, and watch Vicki.

Vicki makes her way down the stairs to a door that's locked. She then explores the house, and tries a window, which she also cannot open. She tries another door that is also locked. Suddenly, she hears Josette's music box, and then a voice, Blair's, asking if he recognizes him. She begs to be let go, and the voice says she's free to go once she identifies where she is, and who is speaking to her. The music gets louder and louder, and the voice asks where she'd hear Josette's music box. She says the old house, but she says she's not in the old house. The voice says she came to the old house to see him. She says he's not Barnabas, but the voice continues to try and convince her that she's in the old house listening to Barnabas. Once she admits that, the door opens and she is allowed to leave.

Blair tells Angelique that Vicki will have completely forgotten the last two days. He then excuses himself, leaving Angelique alone, and bored, waiting for him to return.

Maggie examines Sam's paintings when there's a knock at the door. Blair says he came to apologize to her. He wanted to reiterate that his offer was sincere. He asks her about her fiancé, and she says Joe has completely recovered, and he'll be released in a few days. Blair mentions he's taken a house, and reminds her of his interest in the painting.

There's another knock at the door, and Maggie is shocked that Joe was released early. She introduces Joe to Blair. She says he's interested in Sam's paintings. Joe asks Blair what he does for a living, and Blair explains he's a consultant in human relations. Joe tells him that doesn't say much, and Blair agrees. Maggie returns with sherry and they share a toast.

In Collinwood, Jeff is on the phone with the sheriff. He hangs up, and hears the front door open. Vicki walks in and apologizes for keeping him waiting. He kisses her and she asks what he's doing. He says he was worried she had been killed. She says she's sorry she was gone longer than she said. He explains that she's been missing for two days, and she doesn't believe it. He asks her about her ring, and she notices that it's gone.

Blair finishes his drink and excuses himself, asking Maggie to get back to him about the painting. Maggie tells Joe what a nice man Blair is. Joe is clearly jealous of the way Blair talked about Maggie. She says Blair is just very nice and very charming.

Blair returns to his house, where Angelique is still sitting in the chair where he left her. She's clearly angry with him. He asks if she wants to get out and meet new friends. He says if she behaves herself, it can be arranged. She asks if she can go tonight, and Blair says that he's expecting Joe Haskell may come to visit tonight. But even if he doesn't, Joe will be her next victim.

Our thoughts

John: They were so excited to use a chroma effect with the mirror today, they didn't bother to reflect something other than blue in it before they employed the effect.

Christine: Blair has obviously magicked clear blue skies indoors. Not only that, but he's apparently taken the other mirror from Adam's room now!

Yesterday's mirror

Today's mirror

Adam's mirror in Episode 551

John: I'm sorry, but Blair's plans to influence Vicki would surely have hit a hiccup when she found herself outside a house that was clearly NOT the old house, on the OTHER SIDE of Collinsport. It's a bit convenient for the writers to just say that 'she'll forget the past few days'... If they wanted us to buy that, they should have deposited her in the woods, at least close to the old house. But no, Vicki manages to find her way home from a strange house having forgotten everything that transpired over the last few days.

Christine: So, you see why I said we should be concerned about Vicki? She always comes back from an abduction a little bit diminished. These sorcerers are cruelly making her stupider.

John: Poor Joe. Out of commission for weeks. Gets out of the hospital a few days early, and now if Blair has his way, he'll be right back in there. Unless Blair's plans for Joe are more permanent...

Christine: Maybe he's creating a vampire army through Angelique while working on his race of superbeings. Poor Joe. Angelique looks pretty hungry. Was anyone else wondering if Maggie spent Sam's inheritance on that sherry decanter and tray? It seems a little extravagant for her, and we sure never saw Sam pouring from a decanter. She doesn't seem to be waitressing anymore, so how is she making ends meet?

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