Friday, July 27, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 545 - 7/26/68

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Blair comes in from outside and Cassandra asks where he has been. He tells her he found where Adam is. She asks where, and he refuses to tell her. Roger arrives home, and Blair welcomes him. Roger asks Cassandra how David is. Blair excuses himself to go upstairs, and leaves Cassandra with Roger, still unaware of Adam's location.

Roger asks her to join him in the drawing room. He points out that she hadn't asked him about Liz. He tells her she's still very sick, thinking she's Naomi Collins, living in the 18th century. He says her preoccupation with death concerns him. He yells at Cassandra for not listening to him.

Adam is reading one of his books when Nicholas interrupts him, introducing himself. Adam tells him to leave. Blair points out that Professor Stokes told him where he was, and that he's going to take over his higher learning. He tells Adam that he is his friend, and he is going to help him. Adam says Carolyn will be angry that he's there. Blair says that he should be a strong willed individual, and he doesn't need to do what others tell him. Blair tells Adam that he is very important. He says Adam can alter the course of history, and shakes Adam's hand.

Cassandra paces in the drawing room when Blair returns, smiling. He asks what happened to Roger, and she says he's gone upstairs.

She asks if he found Adam, and Blair tells her that Carolyn hid him in a secret room in the house. Cassandra asks how soon she can see him. Blair warns her to stay away from Adam. She storms out of the room and goes upstairs.

Adam explores the house, looking for Carolyn. He finds her asleep in her room, and leans down over her. He calls her name and she bolts awake. She asks what he's doing. He apologizes for frightening her. She asks if something happened, and he tells her a man found him. He says it was Nicholas. She asks if he did anything to him, and Adam says no.

Carolyn can't figure out how Blair could have found Adam. She says she'll deal with him. Adam says he'll go back to his room, and Carolyn tells him to stay in her room until she's finished with Blair.

Blair stands by the fireplace in the drawing room.

Carolyn comes downstairs as the clock strikes 12. She walks into the drawing room, and tells Blair to sit down. She explains that as a guest, he has no business exploring closed off areas of the house. He starts to explain an interest in architecture, and she stops him, telling him that he's lying. She says he wasn't looking for architecture; he was looking for Adam. He asks why he would be interested in someone he never met.

Carolyn lets Blair know that she knows Blair was asking Stokes about Adam. She asks if he plans to go to the sheriff, and if not, what his interest is in Adam. He says he plans to do nothing. He says he's not her enemy, and he's got nothing against her or her family. He says he saw something he shouldn't have seen, and he promises not to mention what he saw to anyone else. She says he has put her mind at ease—for the moment.

He bids her goodnight and goes upstairs. From the top of the staircase, he gives her a creepy smile.

Carolyn leads Adam back to his room. She wonders how Blair got in. Adam describes how Blair just appeared in the room. Carolyn says Harry may have left the door open. Adam tells Carolyn he likes her smile as he runs his finger across her lips.

Cassandra listens to Lang's recording again.

Adam lies asleep in his bed.

Cassandra explores the West Wing, using her witchcraft to open the door to Adam's bedroom.

She comes inside and finds him asleep on the bed. She says she can't kill him through magic, or Blair would know she was responsible. So instead, she raises an axe over her head.

Our thoughts

John: It was looking like Adam might have another #MeToo moment with Carolyn in her bedroom, but it turns out he just wanted to tell her about Blair. Crisis averted. Until they go back to his room, and he starts hitting on her again. Poor guy just doesn't know any better.

Christine: Adam is like a little boy with his first crush who wants to hold her hand and maybe play Post Office. It's not like he's trying to force himself on her. He's just a lonely monster. A few more lessons with Blair may remove his sense of innocence, however. 

John: I was curious what leverage Carolyn was going to use against Blair. She could tell her Uncle she wanted to kick him out, but all Blair would have to do is mention Adam, and she'd have plenty of explaining to do. I was a bit disappointed that Blair seemed to fool Carolyn in to believing him, when her instincts should be clearly telling her not to.

Christine: I would expect her to go back to Stokes with the information and convince him to find a safer place to hide Adam. Did I say would? I meant wouldn't.

John: Are we supposed to assume that Cassandra's eighty-sixth listen to Lang's recording the one that made her realize that Adam was probably hidden away in the West Wing? And I want to know what she did with her replacement Dies Irae recording...

Christine: I don't think so. Blair told her he was in the West Wing, and it's probably easy enough to follow the many footprints in the dust to find his room. She's listening to Lang's recording for the umpteenth time because she's taking delight in hearing over and over that if Adam dies, Barnabas will be a vampire again, which finally prompted her to go exact her revenge. I loved when she said she had to kill him as a human would, and then raised the ax. As though Nicholas won't suspect she was responsible for killing him with an ax. Perhaps she intends to pin it on Harry Johnson.


Paul Haney said...

Nicholas is really a fun character and Astredo is a terrific actor. Always look forward to his scenes.

John Scoleri said...

I have to admit, until he arrived in Collinwood, my only exposure to Nicholas was a handful of appearances in the DS Blooper reel. Out of context, I couldn't appreciate his performance, which just seemed silly and over the top. But in the context of the show, I'm loving what he brings to it!