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Dark Shadows Episode 544 - 7/25/68

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Nicholas Blair answers the door at the main house for Professor Stokes. He asks if he's there to see Carolyn, and Stokes points out that Blair doesn't seem to be one to partake in idle conversation. As Stokes starts upstairs, Blair asks him about Adam, causing Stokes to spin on his heel. He points out knowing an Adam who was married to Eve.

Carolyn appears, and Blair excuses himself to walk in the woods. Stokes asks Carolyn if he told Blair anything about Adam. She says she has not, and he tells her he must not find out Adam is in the house. Carolyn tells Stokes that Adam tried to kill Mrs. Johnson's son yesterday. Stokes says it's too risky that Harry might go to the police, and Carolyn explains that's not a concern. She says that's not the biggest issue with Adam. She tells him that Adam seems to be in love with her, and tried to kiss her. Stokes says he'll talk to Adam and get him to focus on his studies. Carolyn asks why Stokes is so interested in Adam. He explains that like her, he felt sorry for Adam.

Stokes goes to Adam's room, and asks how he's doing. He says he has no one to talk to, and he liked the Professor's place better. Stokes gives him books, and tells him that he can't stay. Adam asks if Carolyn will join him, and Stokes tries to explain why he shouldn't develop an attachment to her. Stokes tells him that he must obey Carolyn's wishes. He also must focus on his studies above all else. He tells him that the sooner he is educated, the sooner he can go out among other people.

Carolyn interrupts them to tell Stokes that Julia saw his car and was wondering where he was. Stokes goes downstairs and Carolyn returns to Adam's room. She asks if he understands everything Stokes asked of him, and he says he is going to spend his time studying. She tells him that she'll be back soon with food for him.

Julia tells Stokes that it's imperative that she and Barnabas find Adam. Stokes says she feels free to call upon him for help, but never offers him any information. He says she hasn't answered any of his questions. He tells her if she cooperates with him, he will consider helping her. Stokes tells her hasn't been able to figure out the last line of the dream curse. He asks where the dream took Barnabas, for the noted point of return. She says Barnabas woke up from the dream unharmed, thinking he broke the spell. She says she left the room for a few minutes, and when she returned he was dead outside the house. She says she thought it was heart failure from the dream, but Stokes doesn't buy it. He says she arranged to bury him secretly, without contacting the family or authorities.

He then asks why there's a connection between Adam and Barnabas. She denies any such knowledge. He gets up without telling her about Adam. He asks if the relationship between Adam and Barnabas has to do with Adam being an artificial human being, and whether Barnabas was responsible for his creation.

Outside, Blair summons nameless spirits to appear before him.

Carolyn brings Adam dinner. She says she'll be back later for the tray, and he asks her to stay, saying he likes to talk to her.

Blair calls for the spirits of those whose parts made up Adam to appear. A headless ghost appears next to an armless ghost. The headless ghost reaches for his neck.

Adam feels his neck, telling Carolyn that it feels strange.

Blair tells the two ghosts that they will be sufficient for his needs. The second ghost grabs for his missing arm.

Adam feels his right arm, telling Carolyn that it feels strange, too. She tries to understand what's wrong with him, and he tries to finish his food.

Blair commands the ghosts to lead him to Adam. He says if they can't lead him, they should point the way. The two point to Collinwood, and then disappear.

Our thoughts

John: Carolyn's go-to lie to explain where Stokes was in Collinwood was to tell Julia that he was examining her mother's first edition of The Federalist? And when she tells Stokes that, he's more interested in finding out if Liz has a first edition of The Federalist.

Christine: I loved that! It's the sort of thing that makes him quite the endearing character. While he thinks that encouraging Adam to focus on his studies will sublimate his pubescent feelings for Carolyn, I don't think he carefully considered what he might do with the notebook he provided for writing.

John: So why did Stokes wear the monocle when talking with Julia?

Christine: Clearly, Stokes has seen Witness for the Prosecution and is trying out the old monocle-reflecting-in-the-eye trick to extract the truth. Since there wasn't much of a reflection, it didn't work very well.

John: Some interesting ghost action today, and a good use of the blue screen to make one headless and one armless. Of course, it's always fun when asking an armless ghost to point...

Christine: That was nicely done! I especially liked the gore at the sites of amputation. Jeff Clark really did a number on those two.

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Jeff Baker said...

"Armless Ghost" is an early credit for David Groh, who would play Rhoda's husband Joe on "Rhoda."