Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 462 - 4/2/68

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Julia hypnotizes Vicki to send her back in time. She says she doesn't want to go back. Vicki calls her the Countess, and says she thinks she's a witch. Vicki brings up the book, and says Peter says the book will help convince the judge that she came from the 20th century. She says if Barnabas were here, he'd get Peter out of jail. Julia tells her to remember, and Vicki says she can't. She then says Josette says the bat at the window means something. She says she must go to Peter. Julia hypnotizes her and says she will remember nothing when she wakes. Vicki wakes, and says she has to find something to make sense out of what happened. Julia assures her that it wasn't a dream. Vicki says she's afraid if she goes to sleep, she'll end up in the past. Julia asks her to avoid speaking to Barnabas or  Carolyn.

Vicki hears the voice of Jeremiah saying he will watch over her now. She finds herself at his grave, where a hand bursts from the earth. Jeremiah says he is the first, but the last to die at Barnabas' hands. His ghostly eye-popped figure appears. He compels her to look at him and see the truth. He tells her that she will be the last victim of Barnabas. Vicki wakes up, screaming.

Barnabas is in the garden when Julia appears, with a new haircut.

He wants to know what Vicki told her. She says she will not tell him, and he says she's putting Vicki in danger. She says she's trying to protect both of them. He says if she helps him, he will leave Vicki alone. He says the seance has changed him. He says the woman they saw was Sarah's governess, until she was tried for witchcraft. He says she was hanged the day his coffin was moved to the mausoleum and changed. He explains his life depends on what Vicki knows. He asks if Julia finds out what she knows, will she use it to help or hurt him. She tells him that's entirely up to him, and leaves him. He decides he cannot count on Julia.

Julia returns to Vicki's room. Vicki compliments her new hairstyle. Vicki says that Jeremiah's ghost came to her in a dream. Julia asks if Peter Bradford was in her dream. Julia says she went to town to research Peter Bradford. Vicki asks what happened to him. Julia explains he was tried for the murder of Noah Gifford. Vicki says that she killed Noah. Julia tells her that Peter was hanged. Vicki tells her that she loved him.

Barnabas tells Julia he can't believe Vicki is in love, because Peter Bradford is dead. Julia says he loves Josette, and she's dead. Barnabas leaves, and as he does, Julia reminds him that he promised not to do anything. She says she can make Vicki forget, and she will do that for him.

Barnabas appears in Vicki's room. She wakes up, and he notices she's frightened. She says she shouldn't be, as he's her only link to what happened. He asks what she means, and she says she doesn't want to talk about it. She says she was wrong to want to live in the past. She says she's seen all of the terrible things that can happen to people. She says he didn't tell her the story the way it happened. Josette didn't come to marry Jeremiah—she came to marry him. And then she corrects herself. She came to marry Barnabas' ancestor. She says that Jeremiah's ghost warned her about him, and yet he's always been the kindest to her. Barnabas asks her to come to him. She does not, and he asks if something is stopping her from trusting him. She gets up and walks to him. He says he can give her peace, and make her forget. She asks for that, and he prepares to bite her neck.

Our thoughts

John: I assume Grayson Hall got a haircut at some point, and was wearing a wig in the opening of today's episode. Funny that she now looks the way I always remembered her. 

Christine: I like how Barnabas complimented her on it to play on her affections and then appealed to her to be friends like they were in the good ol' days when she was helping him cover up Maggie's kidnapping and murder her friend, Dr. Woodard.

John: So how did Barnabas know Sarah's original governess, if she never arrived in Collinwood, and swapped places with Vicki in the gallows only after Barnabas was already chained up?

Christine: Before Vicki traveled back in time, Phyllis Wick did arrive at Collinwood and seemingly had all the experiences we saw Vicki have, with the possible exception of calling everyone by a different name when first meeting them. Since Barnabas does not remember Vicki from the past, her presence in 1795 may have created an alternate timeline where Bizarro Barnabas remembers Victoria Winters as his little sister's governess. 

John: Nice to know the fate that befell Peter. Can't wait to see how he's introduced in the modern timeline, and see if Vicki has any memory of him at that point, now that Barnabas is about to put the bite on her!

Christine: Just when we thought we saw the last of Jeremiah's protruding eyeball, he makes a reappearance in Vicki's dream. It would have been a more frightening nightmare if he looked and sounded more like her dead boyfriend, Burke Devlin. Now she's got another dead boyfriend, plus a dead guy who wants to be her boyfriend. Talk about unlucky in love!

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