Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 318 - 9/13/67

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Sam and Woodward explore the Collins family mausoleum. Behind the secret door, Barnabas tells Julia to keep quiet. Woodard points out the nameplate for Sarah Collins, and suggests that maybe the girl they've been searching for truly is a ghost.

Sam dismisses his suggestion. Woodard describes a conversation with Julia about Maggie's experience being supernatural. Barnabas grabs Julia by the throat and she screams.

Sam heard it, and says it came from behind the wall. Barnabas lets Julia go. Woodard says standing in the mausoleum, he feels that Maggie is in more danger than ever before. He says he's going to Collinwood to talk to David, and then to talk to Julia to find out what's going on once and for all.

Barnabas says that everyone will soon know everything thanks to Julia. He says he has to deal with David before Woodard questions him. Barnabas opens the coffin and hold Julia halfway in it. He tells her to think about being trapped in there forever. They exit the secret room, and Julia tells him that if anything happens to David, the investigation will be greater than anything he has seen. She adds that if David knew anything, he would have already told others. She then adds that David knew about the secret room because of Sarah. He should try to find her and convince her not to tell David his secret.

Woodard meets with David in the drawing room at Collinwood. He says he's trying to find out about Maggie's kidnapper. He tells David he thinks Sarah might be able to help them. David says she has all kinds of secrets, and Woodard asks if she's shared any with him. He asks David Sarah's last name, and he doesn't know. He asks where she lives, and David says he doesn't know that, either. Woodard asks if the secret place they meet is the mausoleum in Eagle Hill cemetery. David says he didn't say they met at the mausoleum.

David complains that everyone keeps asking him about Sarah, including Ms. Hoffman. Woodard asks why she wants to know, and she walks in, interrupting him, saying he should ask her. Woodard ignores Julia and asks where David goes to meet Sarah. David describes that he goes looking for her, he calls out to her, and she shows up. Woodard tells David that someone other than he and Sarah know the mausoleum is their secret place. Julia offers to take David upstairs, and Woodard tells her he wants to have a talk with her when she's done.

Woodard asks what she doesn't want him to find out from David. She says it's idle curiosity. He demands a complete report from her. She says she can't tell him yet, and outside the dogs begin howling. She ignores Woodard and focuses on the dogs. She says she's got a headache, and asks if they can talk in the morning. He says that Maggie Evans is no longer her patient, and he storms out. Julia leaves shortly thereafter.

In the old house, Barnabas says that cousin David is going to sleep for a long, long time. As he prepares to leave, Julia comes in and tries to stop him.

He exclaims that David must be killed, and reminds her that when he decides to kill, she can't stop him. The door slams open, he hears London Bridge, and he realizes Sarah is near.

Our thoughts

John: What's our tally on Barnabas declaring someone must die? Great that he follows this one up with a further declaration that once he's said that, he can't be stopped. Can these possibly be the same writers who have used these idle threats so many times in the past?

Christine: I'd say the tally on death declarations is still fewer than the number of times he's grabbed someone by the throat. Julia threw some shade his way when she said, "Nothing on this earth can stop you except one little girl." Barnabas blusters because he is truly terrified of being locked in a dark, lonely place for eternity.

John: Speaking of beating a dead horse, Woodard once again demands an update from Julia, only this time, when he doesn't get it, he claims he's taking Maggie out of her care. We'll see if that lasts, but I'm not holding my breath.

Christine: It sounds like he means it this time, and it's about time. Barnabas asks the question we all want to know: why won't Sarah appear to him? How sad to hear him ask why she rejects him.

John: I always assumed that when we heard the dogs howling, Barnabas the vampire was out and about. Tonight we find out that he's still in his living room when the hounds of hell are doing their thing...

Christine: It's even more interesting that Julia knew the sound of dogs howling meant he was going out to kill David.

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