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Dark Shadows Episode 654 - 12/26/68

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The werewolf snoops around outside the window of the Evans' cottage. Joe enters and as he begins to collect the things Maggie requested, he hears a growling outside, and the werewolf jumps through the window.

It proceeds to attack him. It throws him around the cottage, but Joe fights him off, smacking him with a stool.

Joe grabs a pair of scissors, and after stabbing the wolfman a few times, it retreats—jumping out the window and running away.

Maggie tells Barnabas that Joe should be back by now. She calls the cottage.

Joe examines a piece of cloth when the phone rings. He gets up and answers it, only to pass out before he's able to speak.

Maggie tells Barnabas that someone picked up the phone, but nobody answered. She keeps calling for Joe into the phone. Barnabas says he'll check in on him.

Joe is lying on the floor, bloody and beaten, when Barnabas arrives. Joe starts to get up. Barnabas looks around at the mess and asks him what happened.

Maggie paces nervously, and Julia tells her not to worry. Julia fills Maggie in on Liz' fixation that she'll be buried alive. Maggie asks Julia if she thinks she'll be able to handle David. Julia says she will, but asks if she'll really enjoy being a governess. Julia goes upstairs to check on Liz. Barnabas brings in Joe, and Maggie calls for Julia and runs upstairs. Joe describes being attacked by a wolf that walked like a man, and Barnabas explains it must be the same creature that Liz saw.

The wolfman stumbles into Chris' apartment and passes out.

Julia attends to Joe's wounds. She says she hopes he feels like talking to the police tonight, and he asks who called them. She assumes it was Barnabas, and asks why she doesn't want the police involved. Joe says he stabbed the wolf with scissors. He says he'll talk to the police tomorrow. He gets up to go home, and Barnabas suggests he stay at Collinwood. Julia gives him some painkillers. Maggie checks on Joe, and apologizes for sending him to the cottage. She asks him about the piece of cloth he's clinging to, and he says it's nothing.

Chris wakes up the following morning and notices the bed is not made. He picks up the phone and calls Joe. There's no answer. He wonders if Joe is out. He looks in the mirror and sees his shirt is torn. He takes it off and there's no wound underneath.

Maggie and Julia straighten up things around the cottage. Julia wonders what kind of animal it could have been.

Chris is in the foyer at Collinwood when Maggie returns home. She tells him she's the new governess at Collinwood. He says he hasn't been able to find Joe and she says she should have told him. He grabs her and asks what happened.

Joe pounds on the door of Chris' apartment.

Maggie tells Chris that Joe wouldn't call the police. The clock chimes at 5:30, and Chris says he's got to get out of there. Julia comes in and he says her sleeping pills weren't strong enough.

Joe lets himself in to Chris' apartment. He finds Chris' shirt, matching the torn swatch of cloth he has. Chris returns, and Joe asks him what it means. Chris tells him to get out. Joe demands that he answer him. He tells Joe the moon is rising, and he has to get out now. Joe says that whatever happens, he's going to be in the room when it does. Chris starts to groan, saying it's going to happen. He tells Joe he doesn't want him to see it. Chris finally tells him to stay and watch, and says after he sees he'll never be the same again. Chris screams in agony. Joe watches in disbelief. Chris tells him to go to the drawer. He finds a gun. Chris tells him that it's loaded, and he wants him to do what he was unable to do himself. Chris transforms into a werewolf before Joe's very eyes. Joe can't believe it, but he unloads the pistol into the werewolf. It seemingly has no effect, as the werewolf approaches him.

Our thoughts

John: What happened to Amy? She was going to wait up until Joe returned because she was so concerned for his safety, and then she took the day off?

Christine: Maggie must be a stricter governess than Vicki, insisting that Amy go to bed and stay there. Even David hasn't been seen since Maggie's become the new governess.

John: Why wouldn't Chris be in any pain from last night's scissor-stabbing? Or have any trace of the wound outside the torn shirt? I guess whatever happens to a werewolf stays with the werewolf. And wouldn't Chris have thought to load his gun with silver bullets?

Christine: It seems odd that he wouldn't know about the silver bullet rule when he seems to be aware of the significance of the pentagram appearing on his victims. Perhaps the scissors didn't leave a mark because they weren't made of silver.

John: Well, we certainly can't complain about a lack of werewolf action in today's episode. The fight in the Evans' cottage was pretty epic, and things are setup for a rematch. Will Friday bring an end to Joe Haskell, once and for all?

Christine: It was odd that Joe was so easily convinced to pick up the pistol and point it at Chris before he even knew what was about to happen to him.

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