Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 644 - 12/12/68

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In the West Wing, a large clock falls over in front of David and Amy. She asks if they should go back, and he says they can't let her stop them. The enter the storage room and Amy calls to Quentin. They're about to give up when the door slams shut behind them. David says it's stuck, and they're locked in. Amy suggests it may have been Quentin.

Carolyn wakes up screaming. Liz and Roger rush in, and she says she had a terrible dream. She heard a woman's voice say they'll die, and then she saw figures of Amy and David dead. She says it was a warning. She asks Roger to check David's room to confirm he's alright. He leaves, and Liz tries to convince her it was just a bad dream. Roger comes back and confirms that David and Amy aren't in their rooms. He suggests they're just searching the house. Carolyn puts on her robe, and while doing so sees the word JAMISON start to spell out on her mirror before disappearing.

Amy asks David what they're going to do, and he says he doesn't know. Amy starts asking about things in the storage room, including what's in a trunk. It's full of old clothes. Amy starts going through them. She says they could play dress up sometime. David says he doesn't like games like that, and then says he wishes something would happen. Amy hears music playing, and says Quentin must be playing it. David says maybe he's trying to tell them he's behind the wall. David knocks on the wall, and says that it isn't solid.

Roger finds the door to the West Wing locked. Carolyn suggests they check anyway, but Roger says there's no point, as David can't get past a locked door.

Amy asks why Quentin doesn't just appear to them, and he goes through the trouble of knocking on the wall again. Amy asks if David thinks Quentin is behind it.

Roger says they must be outside, and says he'll search the grounds. In the drawing room, Carolyn says she felt Magda's hand pushing her towards the door. She says they have to search the West Wing. When she threatens to go alone, Roger agrees to go with her.

In the West Wing, Roger notices the clock was knocked down.

Amy hears the voices and suggests they should hide. David says they can let them out. Amy says that if they hide, after they've searched the room for them, they can sneak out.

Roger, Carolyn and Liz enter the storage room, and the door closes behind them. Liz says she heard a noise down the hall and they leave the room.

David says he didn't hear them unlock the door, and wonders how they got in. He tries the door and it's locked again. Amy says Quentin must want them to let him out. David asks how they can do that, and Amy shows him a crowbar. David take the crowbar and Amy warns him that they could get into trouble. He says he's going to do it anyway, and sets about trying to pry open the wall.

Downstairs, Roger says he's through wasting time, and he will check the grounds. He leaves, and Carolyn asks her mother why an unseen force would try to push her toward the West Wing.

David knocks a panel in the wall open. and they see a door. He says there's another room, and is reluctant to open the door. Amy reminds him they're locked in the room. The door behind the wall opens, and they decide to go through.

Our thoughts

John: Funny how we could hear Amy and David talking while Roger, Liz and Carolyn were first at the West Wing door, but they could not.

Christine: They must have thought it was just more ghosts whispering.

John: Wasn't it odd that David and Amy's scene knocking on the fake wall was basically played out twice?

Christine: I thought I hit rewind by mistake.

John: Were the kids too dumb to realize that they could use the crowbar to pry open the locked door to the storage room?

Christine: Perhaps they were just too curious to see if they would find Quentin behind the false wall to care about getting out. If they had really wanted to get out of the room, they would have started screaming when they heard the search party come for them. I guess Magda was too busy pushing Carolyn to flip the crowbar out of David's hand. I hope we'll get to meet Quentin Collins tomorrow!

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