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Dark Shadows Episode 504 - 5/30/68

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Vick comforts Liz while she worries about Carolyn.

Carolyn comes to, and realizes she's alone. She tries to leave but cannot open the door.

Liz tells Vicki that she thinks Carolyn is dead. The phone rings and hears they've apprehended the kidnapper, but there's no sign of Carolyn. Vicki asks where he was caught, and she says near the old house. Vicki says she may be nearby. Liz says she'll plead for the sheriff to release him, in the hope that he'll lead them to Carolyn. Vicki says they won't let him go, but agrees to go with her to town.

Carolyn tries to remember what happened before she was knocked out. She thinks that the man may have gone for food. She pounds on the door and screams.

Adam sits in a jail cell, chained up as he was in the basement. A deputy brings Liz and Vicki in to see him. The deputy says he had to rough him up. Liz calls him Adam, and he recognizes her. The deputy taunts him, and Liz tells him to stop. The deputy reluctantly complies with Liz' demands.

Vicki notices that the man seems calmer. Liz asks Adam to speak to her. She says he can trust her and Vicki. He says if he tells her where Carolyn is, she won't let anything bad happen to him. They promise to help him as friends. Adam says, "friend," and then "food." Vicki says he may not know more than a few words. They go to leave, and Adam reaches out to them. Vicki says he looks as though he wants to help Liz. They leave the cell.

Carolyn moans about being trapped, concerned she'll die in the cellar.

In his cell, Adam cries out for a friend.

Back at Collinwood, Vicki tells Liz that Adam seemed like a very young child. Liz tells her she's going to share something that she can't tell anyone. She says she believes Barnabas is somehow connected to Adam. She thinks he knows more about Adam than he's willing to admit. She says when she saw him in the woods, he said one word—"Barnabas." She then says that Willie had previously delivered a note from Barnabas saying he was leaving to go to England, and asking that she be kind to a relative who was coming to stay—a nephew named Adam. She says that Barnabas never went to England, and out of nowhere this man Adam appeared. Vicki suggests it's a coincidence.

Outside the drawing room, Cassandra hears this and interrupts them. She asks if there's anything she can do while they await word on Carolyn. Liz goes upstairs to her room. Cassandra says Mrs. Johnson told her they captured the kidnapper. Cassandra asks about Adam, and Vicki asks why she's so interested.

Cassandra asks why Vicki is so hostile towards her. Cassandra says she understands why the family will take time to accept her, but she doesn't understand why Vicki didn't like her from the first time she saw her. She asks if she reminds her of someone she doesn't like. Vicki says she does remind her of someone she knew. Cassandra cries and tells her it's not fair, as she storms out of the room.

Cassandra starts upstairs and looks back to the drawing room, smiling.

Liz comes downstairs and finds Vicki in the drawing room. She explains that she couldn't sleep. Vicki says that she thinks she made a mistake about Cassandra. Vicki says she may have been wrong not to trust her. She says Cassandra accused her of disliking her, and left in tears. Liz says she doesn't think she was wrong not to trust her. She says that she doesn't trust her either.

The deputy goes in to see Adam, and taunt him further. He pulls his gun and Adam recoils. The deputy enters his cell and begins to beat Adam with his nightstick. Adam overpowers him.

Outside, another deputy hears the struggle, and enters the cell to find the first one unconscious, and the bars on the window stretched open. Adam is nowhere to be found.

Our thoughts

John: Wouldn't you think Carolyn would look around the cellar for tools she could use to find a way out? Poor little rich girl...

Christine: That may be the strongest, most well-constructed door we've seen yet on the show, as she's able to tug on it without making the whole wall move. She could probably stack up a bunch of boxes and pallets and claw her way through the dilapidated ceiling.

John: Deputy dog thought that he could knock some sense into Adam. Was he not aware that it took twenty men to subdue him originally?

Christine: He certainly got what was coming to him. It looked like Lara Parker may have jumped the gun on her cue when the door was opened behind Liz and Vicki, causing Liz to turn to see who was entering the scene. She later emerged from the same door.

John: Adam would have had a hard time fitting through the window if there were no bars... I don't know how he would have managed to squeeze through even with them spread open.

Christine: That was surprising. I was expecting to see a huge hole in the brick. Why didn't he just break out in the first place? I imagine he'll be on his way back to his friend Carolyn. I wonder if Willie will manage to find her and tell her the dream by tomorrow's episode, or if we'll have to wait until next week for the dream curse to continue.

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