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Dark Shadows Episode 500 - 5/24/68

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Sam sits in his studio as lightning strikes outside the window. Maggie returns home from a date with Joe and asks her father what he's doing. He tells her that he can't see. He says he doesn't know how it happened. Maggie goes to call a doctor, and Sam says before she calls the doctor, she needs to bring Barnabas Collins to see him. After she leaves, Sam gets up and walks toward his easel, almost tripping, and feels for the painting, which he realizes is gone.

Barnabas descends to the basement and hears Willie tormenting Adam with jewelry. Willie says Adam found the jewelry. Barnabas asks why Willie thinks he's stupid. He tells Willie that he thinks Adam doesn't believe him either.

Willie tells Barnabas he quits. Barnabas takes the jewelry and puts it into the box with the other pieces. As Barnabas goes through the jewelry, he asks Willie where Josette's emerald earrings are. Willie says that maybe Adam took them. Barnabas asks Adam if he has any jewelry. He shows him how to empty his pockets, and Adam does, showing they are empty. Willie says they're not on the floor, and Barnabas says he must have taken them. He tells Willie that if he can't find them, he will accuse him. Willie starts to toss Adam's bed looking for the earrings.

Julia is reading at the old house when Maggie arrives. She says her pop needs her, but sent her to get Barnabas. She says he's gone blind, and Julia goes to get Barnabas.

Sam sits by the window when Maggie, Barnabas and Julia arrive. He asks if Barnabas is with her, and when she says he is, he asks to speak to Barnabas alone. Barnabas says he would like Julia to stay, and Sam says he should have known she was in on it with him. He tells Barnabas he followed his instructions. Barnabas asks what happened. He says he did everything he asked, at the time he asked him to. He started aging the portrait at 10:15. He says there was a knock at the door. It was the woman in the portrait. She told him it was stolen. He said he refused to give it to her, and when he picked up his brush to finish it, he lost his sight. He asks what Barnabas paid him to do.

Julia asks to examine Sam, and he allows her to do so. She asks him to look into his scope. After waving it in front of his face, she says he needs to see a specialist. Maggie comes back in. Julia offers him a sedative and suggests he see a specialist. Sam gets up saying he can take care of himself and trips over a stool.

Maggie helps him up and into his bedroom. Barnabas asks her if his blindness is permanent. Julia asks why he brought the portrait, and Barnabas says he wanted to see if Angelique controlled the portrait or if it controlled her. Barnabas asks about Sam and Julia says the blindness may be permanent. Barnabas laments that Dr. Lang is no longer alive.

Adam listens to Dr. Lang's instructions on the tape recorder again. He begins to recite more of the recording as Willie comes down with a snack. Willie tells Adam that he can do something for him. He taunts him with a chicken leg, holding it just outside his reach. Willie tells Adam to say, "I." Adam does. Then he tells him to say, "stole." He says he needs to learn to say "I stole the earrings." Willie then eats the chicken. Adam breaks free of the chain, and Willie makes it out of the cell just ahead of Adam. He chases Willie upstairs.

Barnabas and Julia return home to find Adam choking Willie. Barnabas tells him to let Willie go, and then proceeds to beat Adam with his cane.

Adam gets up and Willie runs off. Adam grabs the cane from Barnabas and tosses it aside. When Barnabas goes to retrieve it, Adam grabs him by the throat and chokes him.

Our thoughts

John: So Barnabas is aware that Josette's jewelry is hidden behind the bricks in Adam's cell? Not a particularly safe place, especially if Willie knows about it.

Christine: Looks like dad caught the boys messing around in the basement again. Perhaps Barnabas will be finding a new hiding place for the jewels, especially since he's missing the emerald earrings.

John: I guess Julia missed the fact that Sam was blind when she asked him to look into her ophthalmoscope.

Christine: She may have also missed the lecture on how to use it, considering the way she's waving it around like a magic wand. It's pretty weak for Barnabas to claim he didn't suspect there would be any danger in having Sam tamper with Angelique's supernatural portrait. He was concerned for Dr. Lang's safety just for disrupting the curse, so he should have expected that attacking the witch through her portrait would be extremely dangerous for Sam.

John: Wow. Adam gets a beat down with the Barnabas cane, all because Willie teased him. Knowing Willie as he does, you'd think that Barnabas might give Adam the benefit of the doubt that Willie deserved the throttling he was getting. I have a hunch that the events of today are going to have a lasting effect on the relationship between Barnabas and Adam.

Christine: Barnabas has obviously not had the opportunity to read Dr. Spock's books on child rearing. Willie is a mean stepbrother. It was bad enough for him to taunt Adam by eating his chicken drumstick, but spitting it out at him was way over the top. Perhaps the dream will take him down a notch. I had hoped he'd be having it today, but it looks like we'll have to wait until next week to see Willie quivering with fear.

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