Monday, March 19, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 451 - 3/18/68

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In the tower room, Joshua and the woman stand over Barnabas. She calls to Angelique's spirit. Angelique speaks through Barnabas, telling the woman she will die. The woman puts her hand on Barnabas' heart, and she says that she is not afraid. Joshua says that Barnabas is dying.

The woman tells Angelique that she dares not hide from her. She says she will not leave until she has left his body, when Barnabas stands up and attacks her. He calls for Joshua, who uses a candle to force Barnabas back.

She says the evil is now among them. Barnabas is unconscious, and Joshua tells her to begin again. The woman says it's a battle between her and Angelique, and it might kill her. She says she can help no more, despite Joshua's offer of anything she wishes. Barnabas sits up and starts going on about the evil he foresees, and that he is responsible for it. The woman says they must go to the old house. She tells Joshua she needs an item that belonged to the living Angelique, and that they must not be disturbed. He promises her, and offers to reward her. She says her survival will be her reward. She says if she is successful, the curse will dissolve into the dark. Joshua leads Barnabas out of the tower room. The old woman grabs her cross from Barnabas' coffin, and prays.

Joshua confirms the coast is clear, and then leads Barnabas out of the house. He doesn't notice Millicent upstairs, watching them.

In the old house, Angelique is still present in the portrait. They tell Barnabas not to look at her. Joshua provides a ribbon he believes belonged to Angelique, and the woman holds it in front of the portrait, causing the image to fade out and back. She says it is hers, and prepares to begin, first confirming that any interruption will be deadly.

In the drawing room, Nathan and Naomi discuss Millicent's absence. Naomi goes up to Daniel's room, and says she'll look for Millicent. Nathan then hears giggling which he recognizes as Millicent, and he asks where she is. He finds her hiding behind a curtain. She tells him he's handsome, and asks if he brought her flowers. She speaks as if he's courting her, and he reminds her they are married. Millicent is clearly out of her mind. She tells him her cousin Barnabas was there tonight. Nathan asks if she saw him, and she says she did, and tomorrow he will defend her honor.

Naomi offers to take Millicent to her room. She speaks of seeing Barnabas, upsetting Naomi. She tells her cousin that her grieving will end. She asks Naomi to join her at the old house. She says Barnabas was in the tower room. She says she saw the lights in the tower room, which Naomi corroborates.

She says she went to the tower room and saw Barnabas. And then she saw Joshua lead Barnabas to the old house. Naomi tells Nathan to tend to his wife, and she will go to the old house. He tries to stop her, but Naomi ignores him. Millicent, hearing a reference to Nathan's wife, attacks him. He ends up slapping her to try and control her.

The old woman works on removing the curse from Barnabas. She tells Angelique that the light will find and destroy her. She tells her to surrender her power over him. Barnabas groans, and the woman holds Angelique's ribbon over a candle flame.

Naomi arrives at the old house and calls for Joshua.

Inside, Barnabas hears his mother's voice and comes out of his trance. The woman tells Joshua that if Barnabas comes out of the trance, all will be lost.

Joshua tells Naomi to go away, promising to explain later. Barnabas says he heard his mother's voice, and the woman tells him to look at the candle light. He says he can't, and the woman says she has been defeated. She says she is in great danger. Joshua tells her to leave. She asks for a drink, and then complains of fire as Angelique laughs. The woman catches fire and disappears.

Our thoughts

John: Why did the candle fend off Barnabas when he was possessed by Angelique? Wouldn't grabbing a cross seem more effective?

Christine: I was wondering that also. Our poor old crone was working so hard to dispel evil that she forgot one of her lines, and who can fault her with all the complicated dialogue she had to remember. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone off stage prompting her by saying, "Then go to the house of the..." when she paused just a moment too long. It was obvious when she repeated her warning that any disturbance would be fatal, that there was sure to be a disturbance.

John: Naomi must have been seeing the future when she told Nathan she was going up to David's room, instead of Daniel's.

Christine: What happened to the Countess? I thought she was watching over Millicent.

John: They've forgotten how to do effective burning effects. They should have revisited the Phoenix episodes for reference. That didn't look like a double exposure over a Bunsen burner like we saw today.

Christine: We'll forgive them for playing it safe with a fake fire since it was a pretty awesome demise that proves that Angelique is invincible. Too bad about the portrait, though I imagine the homely representation simply portrays the ugliness of her soul.

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