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Dark Shadows: The Revival - Episode 6 (2/1/91)

My name is Victoria Winters. Tonight, death will again come calling to the Great House of Collinwood, and a young woman will embark upon a terrifying journey through the mists of time.  A journey to unlock secrets buried for centuries deep within the high stone walls of the Great House. Secrets which unveil the truth behind the evil, the treachery, and the curse which haunts the Collins family.

Willie walks Carolyn back to Collinwood. He tells her to take a nice nap. He repeats that everything's going to be fine over and over, but he looks ready to cry. 

Inside, Elizabeth asks Carolyn where she's been all day and if she found out if Barnabas is coming to the party that evening. She says that she had things to do and that Barnabas is definitely coming. Elizabeth leaves and Julia says that she heard Barnabas wasn't feeling well. Carolyn smiles and tells her he's feeling fine and leaves the room.  

In the hall, David jumps out to scare her, but she barely notices him and keeps on walking by.

At the Old House, Barnabas is sitting in his chair, dressed like a dandy. Willie comes in to say he's going to Collinwood and helps him put on his freshly ironed cape. He tells him it's too bad he can't see himself in the mirror anymore, because he looks terrific. Willie appears reluctant to leave and Barnabas asks what's bothering him. He says he's scared for Miss Winters, now that he's back to the way he was before. Barnabas says he will do everything in his power to make sure she's not hurt. Willie asks how he will do that when he knows how he gets when he sees her. Barnabas says he will find a way not to see her anymore. Willie agrees that will work and asks if he means it. Barnabas tells him he knows how he feels about her and he won't let anything happen to her. Willie says his aunt will have a lot for him to do and tells him he'll see him at the party. 

Collinwood is hopping with costumed guests dancing to a string orchestra, a pig roasting over a fire, and freely distributed glasses of champagne. Roger tells a bewigged Sheriff Patterson that nothing keeps the people of Collinsport away from free food and drink. 

Joe brings Carolyn a glass of champagne, but she appears distracted and declines the offer. He says he'll drink them both, but as she continues to ignore him, he asks if she feels well. She says she's fine and walks away. 

Sarah appears at the banister, lit in blue light, and appears to enjoy the scenery.

Willie shows up in an ill fitting wig with tissue adhered to shaving cuts on his face. He offers Maggie hors d'oeuvres from a tray, suggesting she try the things that look like black bbs, which his aunt says are real fish eggs. She tells him it's caviar and she takes some. Julia joins them and says hello to Willie. He says she probably doesn't want anything from the tray and walks away. 

She catches up to Willie and asks how Barnabas is and if he's coming. Just then, Barnabas walks into the room. Willie says he has a lot of work to do and can't talk. Julia turns to see Barnabas. He catches her eye. Carolyn walks up to Barnabas and he whispers into her ear. She looks at Julia and they both smile. 

Julia walks over to greet them and Carolyn walks away. She says she's relieved to see him, and that she wanted to see him when she heard he was ill, but was angry and hurt. Barnabas says he understands. Julia says if the treatments are to continue, he has to tell her what happened. He said the treatments are over and he doesn't need her services. She says she can help him, but he tells her she's proven she can't, and that, thanks to her, he's once again what he was and always shall be. He says that scores will have to be settled. 

Vicki walks downstairs with David and Barnabas goes to greet her. She asks if she looks like Josette duPrés and he says she is Josette duPrés. He looks uncomfortable and asks her to excuse him as he walks away.

The guests are seated at a long dining room table. Maggie catches Roger's eye and he gives her a smile and a wave. Elizabeth stands up to offer a toast and a thanks to all for helping to keep the tradition of the annual costume dinner alive. The guests toast and applaud. 

Vicki finds Barnabas in the garden. She says he belongs in these clothes. He suggests he's old fashioned and she says there's nothing wrong with being old fashioned, or a gentleman.  She asks if something's wrong, and he says he has to tell her something, but he's finding it difficult to do so. She says he's been avoiding her and asks why. He begins by saying, "This will make no sense to you. Victoria, I..." but he is interrupted by Elizabeth's arrival. She tells Vicki that David is going wild and asks if she can get him to bed. Vicki leaves and she asks Barnabas if everything is alright. He says it is. She says he should come inside from the cold and he tells her she reminds him of his mother. He says the entire evening has brought back so many memories. 

Maggie is in the drawing room conducting a Ouija board session, explaining that she and Roger will keep their eyes closed and anyone can ask a question. Roger asks if Maine will ever secede from the Union and make Collinsport the capital. Elizabeth tells him to be serious. Barnabas enters the room as Maggie and Roger place their hands on the planchette and it points to 'no'. 

Maggie asks if anyone wants to ask a real question and Sheriff Patterson says he does. He says he'd like to know if the person who's caused all the troubles in Collinsport is still around. Elizabeth doesn't like the idea, but Roger says it's a legitimate question. She and Roger close their eyes and the planchette moves to 'yes'. Elizabeth accuses Roger of moving it. The sheriff then asks if it's someone they know. Elizabeth says it's not moving and the game is over, but Roger suggests it may not be moving because the answer is yes. Roger suggests that George ask for a name. He asks what letter the killer's name begins with and the planchette points to the letter c. Roger says he should ask for a first name or last name. He asks if the letter c belongs to the killer's last name. The planchette moves to 'yes'. Elizabeth wants them to stop but Roger says they can't stop now. Roger asks which letter the first name begins with. The planchette is going round and round in circles and Carolyn knocks the board off the table and says the whole thing is stupid. She says they must all be crazy and leaves the room. Roger says the party's over and tells them all good night. 

Barnabas is in the garden, staring up at Carolyn's room, stretching his fangs and snarling. She wakes up and goes outside to meet him. He caresses her cheek and she unbuttons his shirt and strokes his bare chest. She stretches out her neck to him and he gulps down her life fluids, while spilling some down her chest. 
Joe is trying to get Carolyn's attention as she walks to the car and he asks if this trip is necessary. He asks if she's feeling okay since she's been acting weird and is as white as a ghost. He asks her to forget about the antique thing and come with him to his boat. She says she doesn't want to and gets in the car. 

In Collinsport, Joe is trailing after Carolyn at the docks and asks if she knows what she's looking for. She peers into a window at an antique store. She goes inside and asks the owner about the apothecary case in the window. He says it's one of a kind from the 18th century and says it's $100. Joe asks if she's really going to buy it and offers 25 bucks for it. They haggle and he settles for $35. He holds up a bottle of arsenic and warns them that some of the bottles have strong poison that could kill. Joe pays the man and Carolyn looks pleased as she cradles the case. 

Mrs. Johnson is walking through the hall with a tea tray and Carolyn offers to take it for her. She says to tell her mother she'll be right in with sandwiches. Carolyn brings the tray to the drawing room where Elizabeth and Julia are seated on the couch. She sets the tray down and asks how Julia takes her tea. She slips a packet out of her pocket and spills some arsenic into her cup.

Julia is about to drink her tea when David runs into the room saying she shouldn't drink it because Sarah told him it has poison in it. Elizabeth says it's one of his pranks and goes to drink the tea, but David slaps it out of her hand. Elizabeth is livid and asks Julia if she's alright. He apologizes and says he couldn't let her drink it. Elizabeth asks Carolyn to take him upstairs. He says, "I'm sorry, Dr. Hoffman."

Carolyn pulls him roughly by the arm upstairs and he tells her to let go of him. He tells her he can go to his room without her help. He says she's been acting spooky lately and goes into his room where Sarah is sitting by the window. He tells her he hopes she's right because he's in big trouble now. 

Julia comes to Carolyn's room and asks to speak with her. She says David's behavior was strange and asks what's got into him, but Carolyn has no idea. She asks if Carolyn is alright since she seems tired. Carolyn says she is tired and tells her she doesn't want to discuss David or her health. Julia says she wants to talk to her about Barnabas Collins. Carolyn suddenly turns on her stereo to a loud volume. She asks what's happening between the two of them. Julia turns off the stereo and asks why she broke up the board game the other night. Carolyn asks why she tried to hurt Barnabas. She says she doesn't know what she's talking about and Carolyn says she's going to be very sorry. She tells her to get out of her room.

Outside, dogs are howling as Barnabas stands outside summoning Carolyn with his vampire eyes. She gets up and says, "Yes, Barnabas." He hisses and shows his fangs. She gets a knife from the kitchen and begins walking upstairs.
She goes to Julia's bedroom and begins stabbing the form in her bed. 

She begins to leave the room and Julia appears, tearing the scarf from her neck to expose the bite marks on her neck. Carolyn screams and runs out.

There is a knock at the Old House door and Willie goes downstairs with a candle to answer it. Julia enters, saying she needs to see Barnabas. Willie says it's 3 in the morning and she tells him to get him. Barnabas appears and greets her, saying it's a strange hour to be calling. She says he's not surprised to see her, but he says he is. She asks why he's doing this to her and that she never betrayed him. 
He says she took everything from him. He says she turned him into something even more loathsome than he was. She says she doesn't understand. He asks what Willie told her the night he sent him to her and she says he told her he wasn't feeling well. Barnabas clarifies that he was turning into a 200 year old man and that Carolyn came calling at the wrong time. She asks why he did what he did and he tells her it was the only way to reverse what was happening. He says that now she's his and Julia can thank herself for that too. Julia begins to protest, but he screams at her to shut up and goes to bite her neck. Willie attempts to stop him, but Barnabas tosses him aside. 

Sarah appears and yells, "No! Barnabas, no! No, you cannot do this." He calls to his sweet, little sister. She asks why he must hurt people. She says that some want to help him and he must not hurt them.  Barnabas promises he will not do anything to make her run away from him again. She tells him that unless all that has happened can be changed, he and all those at Collinwood will be lost forever. He doesn't understand and asks what she means. She says someone must go back. 
They suddenly hear screaming as a woman appears to be floating in front of them. She disappears and Julia asks what that was. Barnabas says there are forces that are evil beyond comprehension and now she's seen Angelique for herself. He says not even the course of time can destroy her. 

Julia asks about the little girl's warning and what she meant when she said they were all doomed. Willie asks how when Sarah doesn't come around often. Barnabas says she's frightened of him because of something that happened a long time ago. Julia says there are ways to contact the spirit world and she may know someone who can help them.

Julia consults with Maggie, who explains that most of the times nothing at all happens in sessions, but other times can be frightening. Julia says they should be prepared to take the risk. She asks what she's told Elizabeth and Roger. She says she told them the truth, that they should make contact with Sarah to find out what she's trying to tell them. She says they reluctantly agreed, and that it helped when Vicki told them she had also seen the little girl.  Maggie asks if Barnabas is willing to go through with it, and she says yes. She asks when they do it, and Julia tells her tonight.

The family is gathered around a table in the drawing room with the portrait of Sarah on it. Vicki enters with the family history book and sits down. Maggie says they all need to concentrate on Sarah Collins. Roger jokes that they conjure someone they'd really like to talk to like Abraham Lincoln. Elizabeth reminds him that they agreed to do this. Maggie instructs them to place their hands on the table with fingers touching in an unbroken circle. Carolyn does not immediately comply and Barnabas calls her name. She reluctantly puts her hands on the table. Roger asks how they will know when Sarah contacts them. Maggie says physical appearances are rare and the most they can hope for is a voice or some other sign. She says if Sarah's spirit comes to them, she could be frightened away by negative thoughts.

Maggie begins to conduct the seance. She calls to Sarah and asks her to speak to them and help them understand the forces there to destroy those who live in the house. Vicki begins to go into a trance and Maggie asks if Sarah is there. She speaks through Vicki and says, "Yes." She says they need her help and need her to tell them about the evil that has descended on the house.  She says someone must come and try to change things or everyone at Collinwood will die. Suddenly, the doors burst open as thunder roars. Vicki screams and holds the family history book close to her as Julia screams to get the lights.

When Roger turns on the lights, they are surprised to see a disheveled woman in period clothing sitting in Vicki's place. Elizabeth asks what they've done and where Victoria is. 

Julia attends to the woman in bed upstairs. She says her vital signs are stable but she appears to have been in an accident. She says she's in shock. Elizabeth asks if Maggie has any idea what happened, and she says she believes it was a transference of entities. She says wherever this girl came from is where Vicki is now, and that if anything happens to the girl, they probably won't be able to get Vicki back. 

Roger holds a letter, saying it may answer questions and reads it to them. The letter is a recommendation for Mistress Phyllis Wicke to serve in a tutorial position with young children, and was written in 1790. He tells them the envelope is addressed to Joshua Collins. Elizabeth realizes that's where Vicki is, and David enters the room and agrees that's where she is, because Sarah told him.


Our thoughts

Christine: I am really enjoying this series! It maintains the essential Collins family lore, but moves at a quicker pace and has just enough surprises to keep it interesting. It will be especially exciting to see how Vicki's trip to the 1700s will turn out, and if we'll be fully immersed in that time period as happened in series. 

John: I'm coming to grips with the pace of the show, and realize that even if the revival had been on five years, there's a huge difference between a daily and weekly soap opera. It's worth noting that it only took us half of the first season to take a trip back in time; an event which came almost six-months after the introduction of Barnabas in the original series. I do think it was interesting to use this episode with its 'annual costume ball' to prepare viewers to travel back in time.

Christine: Is Julia playing dumb, or did she grab the wrong syringe by mistake when Barnabas demanded she finish the treatment? It looked intentional at the time, but she seemed utterly surprised by the disastrous results he experienced.

John: It was definitely intentional — clearly the work of an insanely jealous woman. While she may have come to regret it, I don't for a second believe that it was accidental. Iwill give her the benefit of the doubt that she may not have knows exactly what had happened to him. And frankly, it's disappointing that she didn't experience it firsthand. Of course, if she saw what he looked like with that crazy hair, she might have come away with different feelings for him.

Christine: Victoria's time travel spared Barnabas from having to break up with her, but I wonder if it's also spared Julia from Barnabas' revenge, or if she's only been granted a temporary reprieve.

John: Without giving too much away, one of the benefits of an hour-long modern-day show is that we can spend a little time in each of two separate time periods (and we're also not limited to 5-6 actors making an appearance in a single episode!). I would have been very disappointed if the back-half of the season was solely spent in the past, and we were left hanging as to what happens with our present-day characters. Of course, even that would have been better than parallel time...


Jeff Baker said...

I saw this first-run in the 90s and watched the DVD a year ago and looking at the picture of Sarah watching the party I think the same thing as when I watched the show: "Awwwwww! So sweet!" So nice they included that in there! For a moment, she's just every little girl having fun watching the grownups!

D.Wor said...

Glad to see the difference in costume party, where it's an annual Collinwood ocassion, rather than something random Barnabas comes up with. Whoah, did Willie snub Hoffman out of an appetizer? Trippy to see Carolyn so much the minion with exceptional loyalty. (Felt even more so than 'House of Dark Shadows'.) Oh and well done in the "Do I look like Josette..." with "You are Josette..." Meaning she looks the part so well but then we have that play on words, too. (I'd also say the sheriff looks TOO good in those duds.)

So funny Elizabeth getting nervous over the board session, felt like a proper spooky story with that. And goodness! Carolyn is looking so Heather Chandler from 'Heathers' in this it gets scary. Really blown away by her going even further against Dr. Hoffman. David being good/protective? And holy cow! There are several moments on this one in which Dr. Hoffman is giving expressions that are severely reminiscent of Beatrice Arthur. Mind you, not looking like Bea Arthur exactly, but those expressions! It's strikingly similar!

Then the Sarah and other supernatural manifestation gave it even more spooky to enjoy there. (Beautiful ceiling.)

Plus then the Super-Seance, seven people! AND a Phyllis Wicke to go with it! Very nice indeed. Aye, one can definitely cram more actors into an hour long weekly than a half-hour at five-days, particularly when you're condensing from the latter.

*I'm* surprised how enjoyable this has been. (I held on to savour it for when I had time and wouldn't be interrupted.) And yes, Sarah's happy moments were also quite delightful. (As well as the ever-regal Mrs. Stoddard.)