Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 438 - 2/28/68

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Ben paces in the old house. Barnabas returns home and asks him where he's been. Ben explains that Bradford had been questioning him, and he stayed in town until the trial was over. Barnabas asks about the verdict, and Ben tells him they're going to hang her. Barnabas asks him if he testified. Ben says he did, and he thinks they believed him until Angelique appeared in the courtroom. Ben says he had testified that she was the real witch, and that she had left Collinwood. When she appeared, he admits to shouting out that she was dead. Barnabas realized that his testimony became worthless. Barnabas tells Ben he has to deal with Trask. Ben tells Barnabas he's concerned someone will find out about him. Barnabas says Trask will become the victim of his own best weapon—fear. He says he will begin with fear, and then Trask will be eliminated.

There's a knock on the door at the main house, and Naomi opens it to find Reverend Trask. He asks if she's heard the verdict, and admits that she is one of the few who might be disappointed with it. She tells him that Peter might find evidence to prove Vicki's innocence. Trask says no amount of time will help her. He asks Naomi for keys to the old house. He says he must cleanse her room of all her belongings. She refuses, and says his presence disgusts him. He suggests that she's upset she chose the losing side. He claims she aligned herself with the devil, and she slaps him. She dares him to strike her, and accuses him of treating women that way. She tells him that unlike Vicki, she can and will fight back. He tells her he can get a search warrant, and she tells him to go ahead. Trask points out that she's already upset her husband once. Ben enters, and Naomi asks him to escort Trask to the old house. She tells him to stay with him while he does what he needs to, and then send him on his way.

Ben lets Trask into the old house. Trask goes upstairs to Vicki's room. He asks Ben if he's going to escort him, and Ben says he'll stay downstairs if it's all the same to him.

Barnabas exits the basement and calls for Ben. Ben tells him that Trask is in the house. He tells him that Naomi ordered him to let Trask in to take Vicki's belongings.

Upstairs Trask can hear Ben speaking to someone. He goes into Vicki's room.

Barnabas says he'll go downstairs until Trask is gone, and tells Ben to stay with him until he leaves.

Trask comes downstairs with Vicki's belongings, and asks Ben who else is in the house. He says he heard him talking to someone, and asks who it was. Ben denies it, and Trask calls him a liar. Ben says he was talking to himself. Trask asks if he was communicating with the witch. Ben says he wouldn't know how to do that. Trask leaves.

Barnabas comes upstairs and tells Ben that Trask wouldn't have seen him even if he searched the house. He says this will be a night Trask never forgets.

Trask returns to his room and stokes the fire in the fireplace. He hears noises outside his door, and calls out asking who's there. He opens the door and hears a woman scream.

He ducks back inside and locks the door behind him. He hears more noises all around him, and then a voice calling his name. It says his innocent victims surround him. The voice calls him a fraud, and says he will never live to see the hanging. Trask calls out that he knows it's the witch, and she can't frighten him. Trask undoes the bundle of Vicki's belongings, and a skull appears to him in the mirror.

Trask commands the evil spirits to leave his room. The mirror returns to his reflection, and then starts to bleed.

The voice says she will live, and he will die. A disembodied hand approaches Trask, and he runs for the door. He cannot escape as the hand grows nearer. He screams and drops to his knees. The voice tells him he is going to die very soon.

Our thoughts

John: How can Naomi think Bradford still has time to save Vicki? Clearly she's not well schooled on how the legal process works.

Christine: I assumed she thought that Peter could appeal the verdict based on Nathan's flimsy claim that Vicki had bewitched him.

John: Damn. I was really pleased with how Naomi was dealing with Trask, and then he had to go and play the Joshua card, causing her to buckle.

Christine: Joshua must have threatened to take her sherry away if she crossed him again.

John: Barnabas had the perfect opportunity to kill Trask, and instead he decided to hide in the basement? Come on! Of course, it did allow for some well deserved Trask abuse, so it's not all bad.

Christine: Yes, he could have easily killed him quickly and been done with it, but his plan is to have him die "slowly and horribly," which is why he refrained from doing so. Also, we would have missed out on the awesome skull reflection, the bleeding mirror, the Disney Haunted House type of sound effects, and the privilege of seeing Trask's bug-eyed look of terror. I was really hoping the floating hand was going to tweak his nose, but you can't have everything. Barnabas is adding vindictiveness to his new set of vampire traits. He would do better to direct that energy towards Angelique.


Grant said...

Since it's clear that Barnabas can scare Trask, I've never understood why he doesn't threaten him into confessing that he trumped up the whole charge against Vicky (even though that's something even Trask himself doesn't believe) while there's still time. I won't give anything away, but this isn't the last time Barnabas goes in for theatrics when it comes to Trask, instead of doing something that might help matters.

Paul Haney said...

Jerry Lacy is clearly relishing the spotlight in these recent episodes. Tony Peterson who?